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Version 1.5.1-signed.1-signed 33.2 kB Fonctionne avec Firefox 7.0 et supérieures

In Firefox 31 they changed the new tab page HTML, this was updated to fix that.

Version 1.4.1-signed.1-signed 33.7 kB Fonctionne avec Firefox 7.0 et supérieures

<Strong>^ Had left in some debug messages in v1.3 - they have been removed

<Strong>+</Strong> For the hotkey hint labels, instead of the ugly red font over the thumbnails, it now shows a pretty looking label that looks like keys thanks to Dustin Cartwright from CSSDeck

Version 1.3.1-signed.1-signed 25.2 kB Fonctionne avec Firefox 7.0 et supérieures

^ Clicking on the number on the thumbnail no longer cancels your click
^ When typed too much in URL bar i was not clearing buffer, so
when would highlight all and then type over it, it would not fire on
correct buffer
^ If about:newtab was loaded in a frame in a tab, on install/enable/startup of addon, it would not realize that it was a tab with an about:newtab in it

~ Doesn't listen to input on SearchBar or FindBar, also if its not Chrome Window focus it won't bother to check if focused in URLBar

Version 1.1.1-signed.1-signed 23.9 kB Fonctionne avec Firefox 7.0 et supérieures

# Made the hotkeys number the thumbnails from bottom left to top right, this way if user has 9 thumbnails, it matches up with the num pad

^ Expected behavior when typing hotkey when URL bar is in focus is that if URL bar is blank the first few keys, if within the multiple key press speed limit, should be read in, however there was a bug where if typed too fast, it would not read it right
^ Fixed a bug that would fire navigate to thumb twice but after buffer was cleared on first time execution, so this didn't hurt, but fixing it is normal
^ Reduced the minimum version to 7.0, it was at 27.0 for no reason
^ Fixed so that if there is field which you can type in, on the new tab page, it will not listen to keys, this was originally there but function would not exit properly

* If you press a hotkey while focused in search bar it still listens, but if you type like normal, just like in url bar, it wont trigger the hotkey, but still i need to make it not listen from all non urlbar and tabbrowser elements
* Clicking on the hotkey hint label within the panel prevents click from reaching thumbnail. Will fix with pointer-events:none in next version.