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Pourquoi le module Noia 2.0 (eXtreme) a-t-il été créé ?

When I first discovered the Phoenix (a name of Firefox long long time ago), I really like the idea of the open-source browser. At that time there were very few themes for Phoenix. Most of them were the work of Arron, a guy who inspired me and help me build Noia theme.

Prochaine étape pour Noia 2.0 (eXtreme)

Not sure what Firefox will become in the future, but I will keep update the Noia theme to make sure it will work with the future Firefox.

À propos du développeur

Information développeur
Nom Kasteo
Pays Thailand
Page d’accueil
Utilisateur depuis March 5, 2007
Nombre de modules développés 2 modules
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Qui est Kasteo ?

I will stop develop the Noia theme for Firefox and will not public my work on the Mozilla Addons page anymore unless I get the apology letter from Jorge Villalobos, Add-ons Developer Relations Lead and the Mozilla CEO about their action.<br/><br/>I got the email from Jorge 2 weeks ago about my theme description. He said that the instruction about how to active the Noia theme option is a security risk to the Firefox and I must remove it. Without any warning before, he already removed my theme from the recommendation status.<br/><br/>Well, for this first time, I edited my description page, deleted the instruction about how to active the Noia theme option from Mozilla Addons page but I put the link point to my deviantArt page instead.<br/><br/>Today, I got the other email from Jorge again and this time he said that he already moved my Noia theme to the sandbox(inactive my theme) because I still put the link that point the user to my deviantArt page and show them how to active the Noia theme option menu.<br/><br/>He take an action to my Noia theme without any warning before hand.<br/><br/>Who am I?<br/>Am I a worker for Mozilla? Am I get paid to make theme for Firefox?<br/>.... No....<br/><br/>I'm a full time work who have a stable job and this is just my hobby.<br/><br/>So, if you still care about the art work and free work to support Firefox, you should treat the developer much better than this...<br/><br/>I will stop develop the Noia theme for Firefox until I satisfy with their action...<br/><br/>Regard,<br/>Kongkeat K.