interesting but does not work when used together with some essential privacy add-ons Noté 1 sur 5 étoiles

this add-on does not work for me. i tested it with the url that the author supplied in the add-on's announcement. the add-on may conflict with other add-ons i use (noscript,requestpolicy,ghostery). i hope the developer can look into this, since i would like to see a working solution to this redirect nonsense

thx for looking into the cited issues.
the new version makes no difference, even when disabling requestpolicy, noscript and ghostery.

regarding ghostery:
I know it has a problematic reputation but you can opt out of the tracking .
I'm also using adblock but there are some pages where adblock is not enough and ghostery quiet nicely cleans what adblock does not get .

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (1.1-signed.1-signed). 

First update to version 2 of this addon if you have not done so (it is waiting for mozilla's approval):

I've looked at your problem and there is not much I can do. The security these addons provide is based on breaking websites and other addons' functionality. The workaround I can recommend you is: update to RequestPolicy 1.0 ( ). It looks that it has better whitelists, and at least with the default configuration it doesn't seem to bother my addon.

The problem with noscript is: the FIRST time you go to a website you will not get unredirected (but you will the rest until you clear the cookies). It looks like the functionality called ABE from noscript is blocking my addon from redirecting the page. You can disable ABE (in noscript's advanced options). I will ask Maone if he can provide a rule for ABE to whitelist what my addon does (it looks like he's providing rules to whitelist other addons that noscript is breaking: )

Update: This platform is not ideal to communicate. If you want me to look into the problem send me a message to dyeray at gmail. Send me all the information you can about the problem, and also start disabling addons until it starts working to see what addon is exactly conflicting. If it doesn't work with all the addons disabled try with a new firefox profile. I think you are probably blocking redirects with some other addon/option, if that is not the case let's see if I can reproduce the problem somehow.