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really nice! Thank you for this Addon!

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Waaaaant this! :((

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Pleeaaaaase update this looks so awesome!

update Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

the only reason i updated firefox, was for this, but i updated to 7, so it wont work, PLEASE UPDATE

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Someone please update, Great theme but I've updated twice and still can't use it!! >.<

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this does not need to be updated. firefox needs to have all of the older versions available still...3.5 had amazing things that 4.14159265 will never be able to replace not that mushroom kindgdom theme was a huge part of it....but it would have been nice

PLEASE update ! Noté 3 sur 5 étoiles

This isn't compatibble with the latest version of FFox... PLEASE can you update? Love this theme!

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This is funny because this is the mario version. I LIKE IT.

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GraySnowman! You just rocked my world! Its awesome! Thanks so much!

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All is now right in my world. The advice was great!!! I have missed this add on more than you will ever know. It completes my day <3

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Can you Please Make a Youtube video on how to Make this theme for Mozilla 3.6 i don't get how to make it to mozilla 3.6 so please make a Youtube Video. here is my youtube account

ok please send me how to get the theme on video please Help ME

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I have merged 1.1 and 2.0 good features and enabled 3.6.* You may get from following link. Enjoy.

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Instructions for people who want to use this awsome theme on version 3.6 of Firefox:

*Version 1.0 / 1.1 / 2.0 works the same way*

1) Go to view all versions on bottom of page, select the version you want to install,
2) Right click and save file to desktop
3) Download and install Winrar if you don't have it already (google it if you never heard it before),
4) Right click on the .xpi or .jar file, select properties, and click change on 'opens with' section. Browse and select winrar to open these file formats.
5) Double click on file and open it up,
You can either:
1) Double click install.rdf, find 3.6.*
1a: Change 3.0 or 3.5 to 3.6.* (so that it can be installed on 3.6 of FF.
or 2) drag install.rdf onto desktop and edit it the same way
or extract everything in the xpi/jar file onto desktop, edit file, add to archive again and change the extension to .xpi / jar
6) Start firefox and drag the file into the browser or add-ons window, install, restart and done.

Special information:

Note: I downloaded and tried both the newest 2.0 version and the older 1.1 version and they work fine in FF 3.6.6. Personally I prefer the way the older version 1.1 looks, so I am currently using it right now. Below are some of my observations about the two versions:

Pros and Cons of version 2.0

+Has address bar and search bar background
+Has options menu icons

-Address bar has no theme but v1.1 does
-Tabs are too dark and a little hard to see what is opened
-no green pipe as scroll bar but v1.1 does

Pros and Cons of version 1.1
+ Brighter theme compared to 2.0
+ has green pipe scroll bar
+address bar has theme

-No options menu icons but 2.0 does
-No address bar and search bar theme but 2.0 does
-no add tab button (the + sign on the tab bar) but 2.0 does

Minor Graphical Glitch I noticed (v1.1 and FF 3.6.6)

-Tools\Clear recent history:
-the down triangle becomes a big rectangle
--no add tab button (the + sign on the tab bar) but 2.0 does

To improve the look of your firefox, you can install and configure the follow things so that you can have

1) the background image of your choice just like in my screenshot:
-Search and install browser background
-Use or find (Example: ) an image (mario themed) of your choice in high resolution for best look

2) The color ful tabs that has a different color each time you open new tab
-search and download Colorful Tabs and enable highlight the currently selected tab in options to see the current tab in a random color. (*Note that mushroom kingdom v1.1 or 2.0 will disable colorful tab's different color on every new tab, but using this option will enable the current tab to have its own randomized color)

3) If you want to organize your status bar icons/hide/show icons download and install Organize status bar to make it look even better.

*Since I love using this theme so much and I see that there are a lot of other people who love using this theme also, I've decided to put up this review until the author releases his newer version when ready.

I uploaded 4 screenshots of my configurations for you to view:


Enjoy :)

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Best. Theme. Ever!

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Awesome, brilliant, cool, 3 words that describe your theme!

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Yep. It is really great. I'm using it since firefox 3.0 :)

thanks findus Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Hey findus! Thanks for your information to make Mushroom Kingdom compatible with Firefox 3.6! I have installed it.
Anyway, this is a good theme. Do you agree findus?

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Thanks you for all infos, it's working ;)

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Hi Kimaria, no problem:
1. Download the theme file from mozilla. This is the link:
2. Open the archive with Winrar (right click on the jar file and select 'open with winrar'.
3. Drag the 'install.rdf' file (from winrar window') on you desktop and open it with notepad (leave winrar open).
4. Modify this string from:3.5.*
to: 3.6.*
5. Save it and drag the file to the winrar window.
6. Close winrar.
7. Open the 'addons' window in firefox, select the theme option and drag the modified jar on the addons window.
8. Select install...

That's it

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Can you explain how to do it please findus ? No one had understand i think :s