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Pourquoi le module Multiple File Downloader a-t-il été créé ?

Because the new HTML5 download attribute is just asking for multiple-download support. We wish this was a built-in feature in every browser. But until it is, we will try to cover most browsers with this functionality.

We have also released a version for chrome.

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Next phase we are working on a Javascript interface for web developers. The library will automatically connect to the browser-specific back end (in addition to the Firefox add-on, we have a Chrome add-on published and a Safari add-on is in the works). Anyone who would like to help shape that interface should head over to the wiki page and add their comments.

Meantime we are also interested in improving the LaF of the dialog. Areas of improvement may include compacting the file list by removing columns, coloring and fonts, and revisiting the layout for ease-of-use. Comments on the LaF should be added to the LaF Wiki page.

And, of course, we are always interested in improvements so feel free to fork and submit your pull requests on the GitHub project.

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