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From my previous reply you suggested me to install professional one ( i bought a new 64bit machine ) , this is decreasing the flash memory and other processes memory also . Its Very good , No problems as of now . I hope there wont be any issues in future of page swapping , high cpu usage etc

Working but having issues with flash memory Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

This is addon is definitely decreasing the memory of firefox as expected but i think it has issues with flash memory (FlashPlayerPlugin_<version>.exe in TaskManager) . When ever firefox is taking lot of memory this is decreasing the memory (as shown in TaskManager) but same thing not happening from FlashPlayerPlugin which is also component of firefox . I guess this is happening since firefox changed the memory management by keeping plugins outside the firefox (not sure though) . I don't know its happening to me only or Others also having this issue . I hope it is resolved , its a must have for firefox though . [ Win 7 , 32 bit , FF 25 , Memory fox 7.4 ]

Developer's Reply


You are correct about only seeing Firefox reduced and not the plugin-container or flash-plugin. They are not supported under Memory Fox 7.4 32bit.

If you need action for those two and if you have a 64bit Windows operating system then move to the FREE version of Memory Fox Professional You can find it on my website

Thanks for the time you've taken for your comment review !


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Its excellent addon . Thanks developer for providing very good addon . Usually firefox takes a lot of memory with time , This addon helps a lot to over come that issue.