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All this addon does is to shift bytes around. On the surface it looks like reducing the memory use. However, the commit size of the process does not change. At best, it does not do anything harmful. At worst, it forces your system to swap more.

See for a more detailed analysis.

Developer's Reply

Some users have asked about the statement, "However, the commit size of the process does not change."

Commit charge, is an allocation request controlled by the said Process which is instantiated by VirtualAlloc[Ex] using MEM_COMMIT flag, and is the amount of virtual ( Private Bytes ) memory reserved by the operating system for said process. Not accessible by other external processes, i.e. Memory Fox.

Memory Fox, as I stated in the header description of the add-on, "Attempting to reduce both Browser and Flash RAM Memory usage". Memory Fox makes a request from the working set memory manager to calculate how many pages ( non-active or orphaned ) can be removed from the working set, of your machine's RAM. This trimming allows other applications access to more available RAM memory for their needs. There may be upon this action a reduction, of the Commit size, if that orphaned page is no longer available such as a hosting tab removed or redirected to new webpage content such that the virtual allocation has not been removed or modified by the browser process. Windows Memory Manager works very efficiently but it's the available RAM memory that most application need to run of which becomes the most concern for the average user. This is why the I use the Memory Fox addon personally.

For those looking for a ( reliable ) and a ( clear ) Windows Memory Core explanation with definitions from a Microsoft Professional with a thorough Technical understanding explaining Windows' Memory Management, then there's a great resource book from a Microsoft Fellow, Dr. Mark Russinovich’s Windows Internals Part 1 & Part 2.

Additionally, Dr. Mark Russinovich’s ( RamMap ) application which is part of ( Microsoft's Windows Sysinternals Suite ) incorporates and provides ( user ) a menu within RamMap the ability to execute the same API call methods, for the same executions that provided reduction for orphaned memories of the Memory WorkingSet that the addon Memory Fox provides dynamically while using Firefox.