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open https://lastpass.com for latest version

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This version is HORRIBLY old. On the lastpass domain there is the official version, currently in version 4.1.47a. This is 3.3.1.

DO NOT install! Go to lastpass and download the bug-fixed, faster, more compatible and generally better one!

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Make sure to install the dev version (at the bottom) Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Since Mozilla screen every update; it makes impossible to patch it everyday; hence the dev version.

Trust me, the dev version is so much smoother compared to version 3.

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Does auto-fill

Takes a lot of CPU and makes Firefox lag Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

I really do like LastPass and use it in Chrome and Firefox. I love how it syncs across devices for free.

In Firefox it was making the browser lag so much!
about:performance showed it using so much CPU and it would freeze Firefox on my Alienware laptop (SSD, i7 CPU).

I then installed the development version, and it was better. I'm not getting those freezes anymore but I am still getting lag because of LastPass and it uses around 25% CPU most of the time. I don't know if it's e10s (multi-process) compatible yet. It could just be terribly coded for Firefox. I don't know. I am not happy about it because I'm trying to find another free password manager as this is making Firefox lag needlessly.

It works fine in Chrome, from what I know.

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Sehr praktisch. Ist Sicher aber immer Bereit. Praktisch.

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there is a password generator in the add-on.
The latest version is actually on this page - it's the development version at the bottom of the page and, actually, it's newer than the one on lastpass.com. The problem is Mozilla's AMO team is very slow to approve add-ons.

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LastPass requires excessive logins for everything you want to change. It could use a P W generator for user to use.

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It is solo much easier AND more secure than trying to handle all your passwords individually by hand.

NOT UPDATED TO VERSION 4 Noté 1 sur 5 étoiles

This version of LastPass is extremely old and has not been updated. For the most current version, install it from the LastPass website.

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If I can actually get through all the BS to have this as an extension on my Firefox browser (mobile), then it should be as great as it is on my desktop browser. The hoops to get this far is typical of Google and a royal pain. But I love this PW Manager so I will forge on.

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Lo mejor en seguridad para nuestras contraseñas

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Mi trovo molto bene da molto tempo

FINALLY e10s Compatible Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

Multiprocess wasn't working, but now is.
Both LastPass and Firefox just pushed out an update, and it started working.

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Don't remove my favourite icon.

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NSFW beyond this point. Please proceed with caution. Stretch and hydrate before continuing.---For many years I used a password manager named "Green Robot Password Remember'er Thing". I believe that's the technical name. It was OK until, one day, they told me I had to rebuy my license after I reformatted my hard drive and installed a fresh OS (Nothing better than a virgin OS; Am I right?). I reformatted a lot, and I mean a lot. I just kept telling myself that it's completely normal and I'm no different then any other warm blooded person in a new and exciting environment. You must understand that I was in college, working towards a degree in Information Technology & Security. I did what everyone does in college; I experimented with new and exciting things. I don't mean to be so vulgar but it's the only way I can explain. Everytime I reformatted I felt ashamed. I had to email everyone and tell them what I had done. I was always relieved when the replies came and they all understood what I was a going through and reset my "keys" so I could do it again. I was just experimenting! I had to learn somehow! Then one reply came back from that Green Robot. They said, "No!" and, that I should be ashamed of what I was doing! I didn't know what to do. Who could I turn to? Who would understand? My parents would but that would be mortifying. My professors? I would have to transfer colleges after that humiliation if that was to happen. I replied back to state my case. Once again the Robot replied with a loud and resounding, "NO!". I would either have to pay them again or try to remember 300 unique passwords. I was beside myself. After a couple days of feeling terrible about what I've been doing I search for alternatives to that green b*stard. Then I found it! This thing that I've been looking for since before I knew...well, anything. We flirted back and forth a few times and I gathered all the courage I could muster. I hooked up with Lastpass that very night. Fast, I know... It felt right, though. After an amazing first month that was so very freeing, I took things to the next level. That's right! Made a commitment. That was 10 years ago, or so, and I've never been happier. Lastpass and I have lived in bliss since I first clicked my mouse. We just fit, you know? We have grown together. Now, there is little one running around, Xmarks. I couldn't have asked for anything more. Even with more experimenting, Lastpass has always been right by my side cheering me on. We haven't even had an argument yet... Amazing, right? Find your happiness. There are other Lastpass' out there. All you have to do is click.

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Ver. does not recognize and fill in fields in FF ESR 45.8. Previous ver. 4.1.44a is OK.

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Very useful.崩溃太厉害! Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles崩溃太厉害!

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1354294VERIFIED FIXED Crashes (null Deref) in ScriptedProxyHandler::construct with lastpass addon