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Great addon and it works together with the addon GridTube! The rating placement is just the right one for it!

The best two addons for youtube users!
One feature request: Is it possible to add option that if video has less than "x" ratings then it would not be excluded? (e.g. if new video has two ratings it's 50-50)

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good suggestion

Thanks for your feedback!

Your feature request to skip the exclude/hide logic for videos that have fewer than a certain number of ratings is a good one. I'll add that feature and upload an update, probably before this weekend.

Thanks again!

edit July 11, 2012 :

cambrig - After a couple of false starts, I finished the work for the feature you requested. I also added an option for a second threshold for completely removing thumbnails from the page. The new version deals better with YouTube's various page layouts, too. I've submitted v1.3.0 and it should be approved by Mozilla within a few days.

Thanks again!