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I wasn't aware that developers could censor the reviews. So here goes again ... When I updated to IM Translator 7.7, it broke Firefox. Tabs disappeared, icons didn't work, bookmarks didn't work. I reverted to version 7.5, and all worked OK again.

Looks like I'm not the only one having such problems. See reviews by Lone Wolf and xafemo.

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (7.7.1-signed). 

ImTranslator v. 7.8

Please update ImTranslator to the version 7.8 and check the add-on functionalities. Hope this new update has solved all of the problems.

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Prior to the most recent version, I would have given this add-on a 5 rating. Now, with the ImTranslator Bubble, I have to downgrade it severely. I can't get the freakin' ImTranslator Bubble to stop popping up every time I highlight or click on something on a web page. I've tried unchecking "Show ImTranslator Bubble" in the options, but that does nothing. It's REALLY irritating to have the bubble pop up all the time.

Edit: In reply to the developer, please read the review before you respond to it. I reiterate: I'VE TRIED UNCHECKING "SHOW IM TRANSLATOR BUBBLE" IN THE OPTIONS, BUT THAT DOES NOTHING.

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (7.1.1-signed). 

Pop-up Bubble

ImTranslator v. 7.1 has the option to disable the pop-up bubble.
You can do it from ImTranslator Options.
Go to the browser's Tools-> ImTranslator-> ImTranslator Options, click on the Settings tab and uncheck "Show ImTranslator Bubble" in the section "ImTranslator Bubble pop up on text selection".
Click OK to save the changes.
After that the Pop-up Bubble will not appear.