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I am delighted to find this. I had never looked for Firefox extensions for IMDb before, and I only looked now because David-CG is rewriting his scripts as extensions.

I've used David-CG's excellent scripts for years and I highly recommend them.

They make life much easier on IMDb and I greatly appreciate them.

David's give you a lot more than this extension does, but this extension gives you something that David-CG's scripts don't. The ability to remove markups. It comes up occasionally and it is annoying.

I can imagine times when right clicking to insert markup or emoticons might be helpful. At least it is nice to have the option.

If you do not have David-CG's scripts, you really have to get this, and even if you do, I encourage you to get it.

Re: Very helpful!

Thank you so much for your review.
I remove markups quite frequently while posting on IMDB boards, so I decided to add this feature to this add-on.

I didn't know about the scripts by David-CG before but they look very useful.