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Bare bones addon. Feels like it was made for a school assignment by a lazy college student. It needs a lot more features to become a full-fledged addon. When you zoom in far enough the page scroll will come up, if you zoom in any more you will begin to zoom in AND scroll down at the same time. No real way around this as both are controlled by the scroll wheel, and it's really annoying.

There are other problems as well, but the author clearly didn't put too much thought into this addon, so why should I put much effort into trying to write a thorough review? All you gotta know is this is trash.

Generally, works very well Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

Yes, the "instructions" (description) are lacking.

(1) It only works in the Firefox image viewer as far as I can tell. This is a very good thing since it gives the image viewer something it needs. You also have to hover the image with the mouse cursor (which really shouldn't be necessary since you're in the image viewer).

(2) It doesn't disable page scroll (using the mouse wheel) in the viewer if you zoom the image large enough to get the scrollbar. It should.

(3) The zoom percentage is displayed in the top left corner. Given that the mouse wheel is a very unreliable device as far as calibrating scroll/zoom amounts, there should be an option to "step zoom" through set percentages like a typical image viewer. There's no reset to 100% other than reloading the page. You can zoom in with, say, 4 "clicks" of the wheel, but 4 "clicks" zoom out won't reliably set you back at 100% (hence the need for a "step zoom" and/or reset option). So, there's no actual control of the zoom amount--not a real problem, just not your typical image viewer zoom either.

Basically, it works as designed, which is pretty good--a "quick & dirty" scroll wheel zoom. The design, though, could be improved (along with the description).
EDIT: :Uhh: I was playing around with the Fx image viewer and discovered that, even if you've set page zoom to text-only, image zoom works in the image viewer using the same methods as with page zoom--zoom control buttons and wheel mouse (holding down the Ctrl key). So, there's your "step zoom" (and wheel mouse zoom, in text-based tiny increments)--limited by your zoom settings, with its default of 300% max--though you can up that in about:config).

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very good - need only left click mouse button to move pic on screen. :)

Instructions Neglected To Mention This. Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

Well, I added it and it did nothing, So, I happened to right click the mouse and noticed the View selection. I clicked View and then it worked well.It opens another page with the image on it and you can zoom that new image...I gave it 4 stars because it is not documented very well and I wanted to hover over a pic and wheel i larger or smaller...Have Fun!

does not work Noté 1 sur 5 étoiles

Does not work at all. Scrolling just scrolls the web page, as usual, and this extension does not provide a way to set a toggle button for its function.