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Doesn't work thanks much for dashing my hopes. Highly disappointed.

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Love this. Please keep up development! Also, I would request that newly-created tags be added to the top of the page, rather than the bottom. And it would be really cool if I could set this as my new tab page. Thanks!

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This is REALLY cool.
I'm "visual", (ADHD) so when I am working with data, I need all of it displayed, at the same time.

Clicking back and forth between various bookmarks folders (or tag folders) doesn't help me to get a cohesive viewpoint of what I've got, or what's misplaced, etc.

**** Highly recommended ****

One tidbit that might help others:
Each selection has an "Important" section at the top.
To put a bookmark up there, just drag it from the normal section.

Thanks for the feedback!

Really helpful to know someone else also finds it useful. An update of this add-on is long overdue, if only to fix outstanding bugs. Hopefully not long now.

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You're onto something good with Gotta read it. I've never been able to find a read-it-later/bookmark service that actually helps me with my problems organizing things, but this is on its way to becoming something great. Please keep working on this!