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Historique de version de FXChrome

88 versions

Méfiez-vous des anciennes versions !

Ces versions sont affichées pour informations et à titre d’essais. Vous devriez toujours utiliser la dernière version d’un module.

Version 22.3 3.2 MiB Fonctionne avec Firefox 21.0 - 24.0

Bug 839515 - Tiny fonts in the remote connection screen
Bug 855544 - Implement a network monitor,
Bug 859089 - [netmonitor] Under very constrained sizes text in the timeline view is sometimes not rendered
Bug 808370 - Use the VariablesView in webconsole
Bug 818134 - Allow multiple debuggers in toolboxes to debug separate tabs

Version 21.1 3.1 MiB Fonctionne avec Firefox 20.0 - 23.0

Bug 846929 - Resetting zoom level on image documents also resets image rotation
Bug 848150 - Update about:home favicons.
Bug 782211 - Implement notification API spec
Bug 835899 - Web Console autocomplete popup could need some UI love
Bug 818151 - [toolbox] adapt the toolbox UI to make it fit on the side of the browser
Bug 648675 - Allow comments and URL opt-in in content/plugin crash UI.
Bug 836867 - The Find Toolbar should transition when opening and closing.
Bug 788165 - Breakpoint arrow does not change to green when the debugger breaks on that line.
Bug 737100 - Extend Pointer Lock (Mouse Lock) for non-fullscreen elements
Bug 818935 - explicitly control the size of icons in the downloaded items list.
Bug 762160 - Find Implementors of a function in the Debugger
Bug 836233 - [Inspector] Implement Shorlander's visual design.
Bug 853431 - Fix menulist active (hover) text color on Windows 7 and up.
Bug 837008 - Make the Add-ons Manager search textbox adapt to small window size.
Bug 856040 - Adjust padding of XUL menulist to match native widget on Windows 7 and up.
Bug 836452 - Implement service install panel, cleanup activation panel.