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Very nice extension and as a Chinese, I have been using it for years :p

However, I think there is a small detail which can be improved. That is the quick-add.

In most time, I use "quick add" to add a rule temporarily, but sometime, it could be convenient if I can select whethe the "quick add" rule is temporary (and it would be better for a chance to edit its name).

Thank you again.

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Eric H. Jung said:

"Thanks for the review and the nice words. Concerning your "quick add" improvement, it is already there. Make sure this is checked: "Prompt for editing and confirmation before adding pattern to proxy". You can then select temporary/permanent and change rule names every time you use Alt+F2 QuickAdd."

To add to the answer Eric gave: If you follow his steps and the dialog pops up after using ALT + F2 you need to click on the Pattern button. There are all the options for the pattern at hand.