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Alleged to work with Firefox 26 and later but in Firefox 28 Mac there is no way of opening the thing, so for all practical purposes it doesn't exist.

Hey mumpsimus, sorry for confusion.
When we updated to the new button api for addons, we didn't update the minimum firefox version. The minimum firefox version we support is now 29.
Hope this helps.

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I try this calculator, it's perfect for advenced stuff but definitly not for women shopping on-line. She turn crazy when she did not find the way to calculate a simple " 230-25% "

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Thanks for the review Nerach!

We have another addon specifically for simple percentage calculations if you or your friend would like to try it:

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Looks to have good potential!
Is there any plans to provide functionality like sin, cos and tan? I use them regularly in school

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hello noconnectivity78

Yes that functionality is currently being implemented and will be available in the next major release. Thank you for your rating