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This is a top notch addon. Its very smooth, and has a real clean interface. The look is soft, well layed out and uniform.

The animations are very smooth, having just 2 tabs open it runs very quick, and as you add more to it (not sure a number) it can become choppy. Im not saying this is a bug... but I wonder if this is a factor of javascript, the computer, or firefox, and what it would take to improve it. My guess is that its JS performance and FF3.5 will "fix it".

I really love the layouts and animations. They make viewing the tabs clear, accurate and quick. You can quickly see whats available and where you are. I look forward to seeing how the "return to page" animation works out (its experiemental at this point).

The fact that the "page" can be scaled to be the size of the window or shrunk to be large, medium, or small is great... and if you chose a size, it scales it to the size of the window. The author was even smart enough that if the browser window gets resize, the add-on resizes itself -- with an animation on the fly... VERY smart design.

this is great add-on. My only complaint is with the interface:

- the 5 items on the left (FS mode, gear, folder, search, no. of tabs) should match the stuff on the right... thats not only the color, but style.

- A glossy look i think looks better... i know its very cliche... but... it does look nice... doesn't it?

Its worth trying out... and it works good it your a tab fanatic.

Cette critique est pour une version précédente du module (1.1.2).