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Hi Michael,

I know you have said you wont update Foxscape anymore. But i really would love you to update this. Foxscape is the best and i would like to continue using it i will even pay you for it.

I have posted on the forums asking if someone could update Firefox however i have had lots of looks but no replies to my request.

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honx4amiga, I don't know what you did wrong. I installed Pale Moon, then downloaded Foxscape, and it just worked. Maybe you can try to install it again.

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i tried to switch over to pale moon but it says, foxscape is not compatible, so i can't activate the theme there. what do i wrong?

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Great work! Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

I agree with ponzi.
After the release of the latest version of the ESR Firefox 24.8 (not on the engine Аustralis) - I switch all my computers from Firefox on his fork "Pale Moon". By assurance of the developer - it will never be the engine Аustralis, that I was completely satisfied!
Foxscape works perfectly with this browser. Thank you for everything, Michael!

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Please update Foxscape! Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

I was trying to wait for Foxscape to be compatible with Firefox 29 before I updated my browser, but my husband was messing with my computer this evening and he said "Yes" to the update. Please, in consideration of my once happy marriage, update this addon! (Note...I have now seen the message from the developer saying that future updates are on hold. I refuse to give up hope that something can be done to make this addon work with future versions of Firefox.)

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An excellent addon that happens not to function in v29.0 Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

I used this addon while it lasted and was very pleased with the attention to detail. Some time after Netscape Navigator 4, and once it had became standard to be able to rearrange the UI in browsers, I would always return the back / forward / stop / reload buttons to their classic (or expected) positions. I didn't like the trend of combining buttons, such as in the case of reload and stop, or the situational hiding of buttons, such as the forward button when there's no forward page. I would like for things to not move.

Firefox v29.0 brings a lot of the new-way UI without being customizable. That's not enough for me to stop using the pinnacle free-software browser. I can adapt to having stop/reload inside the end of the address bar, where I totally never expect it, but hardly need it. I will miss having the flying-comets throbber and the rest of Foxscape, however.

Unfortunately, Foxscape isn't shown as compatible with the extended support release v24.5.0, either. I suspect there were customization improvements between v24 and v28 that Foxscape took advantage of.

Thank you for Foxscape while it was possible.

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Thank you, Michael, for updating Foxscape 5.12. It looks so nice on Firefox 24.

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Absolutely amazing theme. Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

I first tried this as an alternative to Orthodox, another classic theme that doesn't work on the newest version of Pale Moon, and I plan on sticking with it. It captures perfectly that classic look I'm looking for and the Netscape logo with the comets is a feature I've been searching for. Orthodox also made the status bar too small, Foxscape is much better in that regard.

Overall a well polished theme that's easy on the eye and perfectly captures the oldschool look older users like myself miss from the good old days of Altavista, Geocities and Lycos.

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Thanks for your support

Thanks for letting me know that FOXSCAPE works on the Pale Moon browser. Enjoy!

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This is a nostalgia since I used netscape the first time I knew about internet. Thanks for the great theme.

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Thanks for your support

I used Netscape Navigator (after NCSA Mosaic) back in the day, and after all these years I never left the Netscape look and feel behind thanks to my FOXSCAPE theme.

I would add some things Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

This theme is very good, but I would add or change some trifles: for example, I miss 'N' (or 'F' for Foxscape) symbol in the right of button bar, and buttons on the left that could show and hide toolbars with one click. It would be good if a theme would use a Firefox feature that shows download progress. This theme needs only some fixes and features, and then it will be perfect!

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I believe that the 'N' (or 'F' for Foxscape) symbol you speak of is already in my theme, you just need to place it on the navigation toolbar, on the right end, by right mouse clicking the toolbar and selecting the Customize... item at the bottom of the pop-up context menu. Then find the Activity Indicator and drag-and-drop it on the toolbar. You may also need to place a Flexible Space (it behaves like an invisible spring) item immediately to the left edge of the Activity Indicator to make the Activity Indicator stay to the right end of the toolbar.

The buttons on the left that could show and hide toolbars with one click are known as toolbar grippies and they are not a function provided by Firefox themes. The function could be an add-on provided function, but I am not an add-on programmer.
Also, note that the SeaMonkey web browser still has toolbar grippies. Firefox was a software fork from the SeaMonkey browser (then known as the Mozilla Suite) and for some reason, they removed the toolbar grippies at that time. :-(

The download progress you speak of is intentionally omitted in my theme because it is very strangely implemented in the Firefox theme, and personally I do not like it. I may implement it later.

Thanks for your support.

Please consider revising your review to reflect your pleasure with FOXSCAPE (hopefully you are more pleased with it now that I explained what is up with it)

FOXSCAPE is the best Theme Ever! Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

I used Netscape 4 for a LOOONG time...until the entire internet wouldn't display correctly, cuz it was soo old.

Then I updated to Firefox 2, but didn't have my beloved Netscape 4 "look & feel" anymore :'-(

I struggled with Firefox 2's default theme for a while -- I even have an extracted "classic.jar" still sitting on my Desktop today (8-8-13). I extracted "classic.jar" from Netscape 4, in an attempt to write my OWN "Netscape 4 on Firefox 2" theme.

But then, (dun dun dun), I FOUND FOXSCAPE!!!...& my problems were solved!

Installed it & never looked back. Happy FOXSCAPE user for (probably) 7 years. I've installed it on my main computer & computers for at least 3 other people...if I install Firefox for you it's GONNA have FOXSCAPE (& ABP & 15 other Addons).

The Netscape 4 Browser UI was just "done right" & FOXSCAPE brings that UI forward into the future! Have you SEEN what browsers look like by default today? Ick. They all look like Google Chrome. A single Location bar, nothing else. With FOXSCAPE you can make the Navigation Toolbar "look right" & with a few more edits, you can move the "Location bar" widget to its OWN "Location Toolbar"* & REALLY complete the "Netscape 4" look & feel.

* Note: Australis is gonna remove the ability to add new custom toolbars, but hopefully someone will write an Addon to bring it back!

...& if you wanna Unmerge the Back & Forward buttons, there might be an Addon for that too! (wink wink)...

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Netscape 9 Noté 1 sur 5 étoiles

I was really disappointed with this theme. I was expecting the last Netscape theme with the more demure teal, square buttons. Please make one that looks like the last Netscape 9 that will work on FireFox 11 or CometBird. I really, really liked the Netscape 9 theme. This one is way too neon to suit me. Thanks!

Thanks, Michael, it appears that the Simple Green would be what I am looking for, IF, it were available for FF 11, but thanks for pointing it out to me anyway. I'll keep looking. I will find something I like somewhere.

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This is NOT a Netscape 9 clone...

As stated in the description, this is a Netscape 4.x clone, though, what you want can be found in Simple Green at:


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These are the kind of themes I like, just plain, old-style readable gray.

Hope it gets updated soon for Australis.

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Aaaaah.... at last, I have found a very-indeed-legible theme for the current Firefox... I can read it without blood-on-black coloring, the cutesy characters, the dramatic swirly menu-background images, etc etc. Aaaaah...........

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Could remove gradients from extensions/add-on manager Noté 3 sur 5 étoiles

We run Firefox 19 via Windows Terminal Services and have tried 4 themes to improve transfer/rendering speed. Foxscape is the preferred theme over Rein 5.3.1 as it looks more like a browser and performs better in 256-color mode. Foxscape can be improved to remove gradients from the "Add-on manager" and make that look like old (Windows 95 look) Firefox.

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I love FOXSCAPE! Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Mmm... Thank You Michael :) Netscape - the best oldschool retro visual style!

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All is well again, Foxscape is back! Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Michael - I hope that whatever it was that took you offline for so long is now resolved, and that you're OK. Thanks so much for updating this theme, I'm very happy now that my browser is back to normal!
@ponzi: thanks very much for replying to me

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No apologies necessary, Michael. We're just glad you're back online and updating Foxscape again! We missed it.

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I love foxscape. So I now "update" it by changing the install parameters in the xpi. Here is how to do it:

1. Download the xpi. Not as easy as it looks. Firefox won't let you do it. It says the version is obsolete. Solution: use another browser. I used explorer.

2. the xpi is a zipped file. Open it with an unzipper. I use 7zip. YMMV.

3. there is a file at the top level of the xpi named: "install.rdf". Open it with a text editor. Notepad will do.

4. the 5th line of install rdf reads:

change that line to read:

5. Save the file and rezip the archive.

6. To install Foxscape: open Firefox. Use the file open command Ctrl+O or the file open menu item to open the xpi file. Fire fox should take it from there.

7. Bon Chance. Bon Appetite.

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Firefox update frenzy Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

The foxscape theme is a thing of beauty. Once Michael had a chance to update it for FF 18, I will hold off updating Firefox for a while.

This frenzy to bring out new versions isn't doing anyone any good, it just shows pretenses. Despite the race, FF market share has dropped, so what does that tell us?

We should also appreciate Michael's difficulties in developing the theme: lack of communication by Firefox, undue approval times, etc.

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