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I'm kind of an idiot. I can't seem to correctly add websites to be blocked, which is frustrating. This is literally the only thing I have a complaint about. Please make that bit idiot friendly. Otherwise, I look forward to using this extension.

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I like the concept, I can see I would use it a lot, but: how can I block all sites? In other blockers, * would do that. In focusblocker, it doesn't work.
I need to be able to work for a Ist period, then block ALL sites in the IInd period, in order to force me to take a break. (could also be used the other way around)

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***UPDATE: more detail, more feedback, thanks for the time answering my review @ Shing Lyu!***

Things I like:

- nice simple button to press to start blocking with automatic timeout. If you have set up the sites you wish to block, this is a nice simple way to self regulate. I barely have the time to be productive, let alone constantly tweak the schedule of a more thorough app like Leechblock.

- nice simple "self promise" when visiting sites on the banned list whilst not blocked. You say how long you want to spend and then you are automatically limited to that.

However, this is more of an alpha than a beta...

- the "self promise" feature is a bit funky / not working as expected. Last night I went on reddit, promised just 10 minutes, spent maybe half that (which is neat, the time limitation discourages further delving) but... I ended up working another 15 mins then being too tired so went to sleep. Woke up, had breakfast, went to reddit... asked me again, I said 60 minutes as I had a bit of free time. A few minutes later, the auto-block kicked in. Oops. Again just now, it asked, I said 60 minutes. I spent a maxmimum of 5 before moving on to searching for a fix for an issue with my OS (openSUSE, thanks for asking) and maybe 10 minutes later reddit is blocked again. (Not that I mind, I generally gain little from reddit other than venting in arguments with trolls. Still, would be best if it worked as expected.)

- visiting a blocked page sends you to a blank page rather than a holding page which is a bit crude

- the block list itself is a single line textfield on the preferences and needs wildcards; it can be fiddly to work out what you need to do if you are not familiar with them. That somewhat defeats the purpose of its simplicity!

- it gives no indication of when it'll expire on the block

- Clicking the 'start blocking' icon never indicates it has actually started (it still tooltips 'start blocking', icon doesn't change, no other indications of status)

- not open source (boo! I'd be interested in contributing)

What it should do:

- hitting the 'start blocking' icon should ask you if you want to add the URL you are on to the block list. A dialog with a radio box saying, "Add all pages from this website to the blocklist" | "Add just this subdomain and all its pages to the blocklist" | "Add just this page to the blocklist" | "Do not add this page to the block list" | "Never ask again for this site"

- send you to a landing page for pages that are blocked with the landing page stating the time that it will become unblocked

***UPDATE: ok, I see the motivation for not showing the time. Alternative suggestion, optionally when blocking say what time it will be unblocked***

- the icon should change somehow whilst blocked

- the "auto block timeout" feature should somehow indicate how much time is left before a block kicks in, as well as have it's own internal timeout of sorts.

Keep It Strickly Simple. In the future you could perhaps add categories, but try to make it one of those add-ons that you never need the preferences page for. That'll make it stand out.

Thanks for the feedback

Hi Charlie, thank you for the feedback.

The "Add this page to the blocklist" button is a great idea! I'll definitely implement that in the next version. And hopefully when we move to a WebExtension format add-on, we can have better UI for the blacklist editing.

I intentionally don't show when the page will be unblocked. Otherwise I (and maybe ohters) will keep checking the timer and eagerly waits the blocking period to end. My intention was to make people go back to work and forget about the distracting websites. I could redirect the blocked websites to some motivational quote or something, or even your TODO list. I'm open to ideas here.

And yes, I can change the icon, that should be trivial.

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Very nice and useful extension.
It would be even better having a visual timer for the "free"/restricted periods.
Also, a more elaborate blocklist or an easier way to blacklist sites might help if available.

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Thank you! I am very happy with this complement, is just what I need. I really recomend this extention for all college students.

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While it works great it just needs a bit of simplicity on adding sites to the block list as the format isn't immediately clear (while it is still powerful). A little bit of a better interface for that would be helpful. Also a mobile Firefox version would be neat as well.

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(original review below)
I love this extension, and find it much more helpful than siteblockers geared toward bracketing different times of the day/week. Since I set my own schedule, it's easy for me to procrastinate during any hours; also, I can easily let myself get distracted by one tab or reading rabbit-hole. FocusBlocker solves all of that.
Shing Lyu made updates to the software almost immediately that resolved the issues that I and others thought it had. Thanks!

I love the idea behind this, which for people with flexible schedules is much more helpful than other kinds of site blockers.
However, the fact that it doesn't work during private browsing sessions creates an easy workaround for a dedicated procrastinator. This is potentially a big weakness for some users.
It would also be nice if the default browsing time allowed could be changed in settings. Right now the default is ten minutes, and can be changed each time, but it would be easier to browse for less time if the default could be changed from ten minutes to something lower.

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Thank you! I'll fix them

Thank you for your feeback.

Seems like many people need it to work on private window. I'll enable that ASAP.

Setting the default browsing time is trivial, I'll also add that ASAP.

Edit: I've done coding, the new version is now under the review process

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The addon doesn't works in a private session windows

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Since this addon "knows" you are looking at certain website, it violates the "private" session's purpose. I'll try to add a setting to let you enable this in private sessions.

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This works well for what it says it does. Please create a black list soon so people can choose their own websites to block, like, neopets anything they want. Heck even make it so that you can't close Firefox to play a m.o.p.g. ;) (timed of course.)

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Thank you for the suggestion. We are implementing the blacklist, we still need some UI polishes to prevent users from inputing a bad formated blacklist and think it is broken.

I don't get your second point. Are you suggesting that we can keep the Firefox open to prevent users open a full page game?

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Muy buen addon, simple y práctico, gran trabajo

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