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Version 2.0.4 365.5 kB Fonctionne avec Firefox 38.0 et supérieures

- Bugfix: compatibility with UnloadTab add-on: findbar would stop working in any tabs that had been unloaded before

Version 2.0.3 364.6 kB Fonctionne avec Firefox 38.0 et supérieures

- New: pl locale
- Bugfix: Move to Right was causing the findbar's textbox to be reversed as well

Version 2.0.2 355.1 kB Fonctionne avec Firefox 38.0 et supérieures

- Updated: fr and zh-TW locales
- Changed: to go to a match you have to press enter or double-click an entry from the Find in All Tabs lists; single-clicking the exact (highlighted) match in the lists is still possible
- Bugfix: pressing Alt+F3 in the browser window should open the Find in All Tabs dialog
- Bugfix: selecting a match from the Find in All Tabs lists should highlight all matches if Highlight All button is toggled or Highlight All by Default is enabled
- Bugfix: "Show the Quick Findbar when selected text is used" was not working in Firefox 40+
- Bugfix: sometimes "Empty the Findbar when no text is selected" would require a second click outside of any text selection to clear the findbar
- Bugfix: enhanced compatibility with my other add-ons
- Bugfix: appearance issues when using the Firefox Developer Edition theme with the findbar at the top

- New: fr and zh-TW locales
- New: Undo/Redo/Import/Export/Restore-defaults/Jump-to functions in the preferences
- Updated: zh-CN locale
- Changed: re-styled and optimized the help tooltips in the preferences
- Changed: only request the Development Status information when the About pane in the preferences is accessed
- Changed: show the quick findbar if findbar is hidden when finding (or finding again) and there are no results
- Bugfix: minor fixes when deinitializing the add-on
- Bugfix: improve performance/responsiveness when using the global findbar
- Bugfix: in RTL layout, the findbar on the bottom would always be on the right, regardless of the preference
- Bugfix: typing quickly enough before the findbar was actually shown could lead to jumbled up find queries
- Bugfix: wrong "Phrase not found" status for a moment when opening the findbar sometimes
- Bugfix: in view source windows, the findbar's close button wouldn't work with the findbar at the top
- Bugfix: Highlight on Find Again would not work at first in new tabs
- Bugfix: force LTR layout for the preferences tab options, at least until any RTL locales are included
- Bugfix: highlights were always placed when navigating to another page, as long as there was text in the findbar, causing slower page loads
- Bugfix: minor startup improvements
- Bugfix: the preferences, especially the number textboxes, were very sluggish to change, all should be much smoother now
- Bugfix: sometimes the Place on the Right preference wouldn't be (un)applied immeditately when the findbar was at the top
- Bugfix: compatibility with All-in-One Sidebar add-on: moving the sidebar to the right could cause the findbar's corners to be on the wrong sides
- Bugfix: it shouldn't show sights on the text selection when selecting text to be used in the findbar
- Other minor fixes

Version 2 319.3 kB Fonctionne avec Firefox 38.0 et supérieures

- New: almost complete code rewrite, with many stability and performance enhancements across the board!
- New: multiprocess firefox (e10s) compatibility
- New: brand new preferences tab with a new "About" pane
- New: remove highlights when clicking on page (clearing selection) when "Fill with selected text" is enabled
- New: es locale
- Changed: the active development process for the add-on is undergoing a few changes, check out the information and links in the "About" pane for more details
- Changed: Ctrl+Shift+I in the Find in All Tabs window opens the Browser Console instead of the legacy Error Console
- Changed: renamed and reworked dependencies for the global findbar perference
- Changed: "Only close when search is the same as the selected text" preference to "Only close when it is already focused"
- Changed: with the findbar at the top and on the right, the buttons order is reversed, so they don't jump around when it changes, such as with the matches counter and such
- Removed: compatibility with Firefox 37 and below
- Removed: pl, sv-SE and zh-TW locales (too incomplete)
- Removed: compatibility with LessChrome HD add-on, I recommend you try The Fox, Only Better instead for a similar but improved experience
- Removed: compatibility with Pale Moon; I'm sorry but its differences to the latest firefox version are just too great to manage
- Removed: Find in All Tabs lists in the browser window; a more intuitive and easier to use replacement is on the way. For the time being, the Find in All Tabs separate dialog will be the only usable mode.
- Removed: matches limit on Find in All Tabs; now it should just run large pages in the background without locking up the browser
- Bugfix: add-on could fail to (re)load after disabling/updating one of my other add-ons
- Bugfix: after resizing the find text field, it should be properly shrunk when the window is resized, so it doesn't extend outside the window boundaries
- Bugfix: compatibility with Download Manager (S3) add-on: toggling the S3 toolbar wouldn't update the findbar's position when it's placed at the top
- Bugfix: many appearance fixes for Australis
- Bugfix: enhanced compatibility and performance when used together with my other add-ons
- Bugfix: some appearance fixes for the findbar on top
- Bugfix: updated findbar buttons appearance styling to match the rest of the browser
- Bugfix: changing the find query then hitting F3 would sometimes search for the previous query
- Bugfix: highlights in PDFs were very faint
- Bugfix: selecting again the currently selected match in the Find in All Tabs list would not bring its tab up again
- Bugfix: switching between PDF and non-PDF tabs could leave the findbar on top placed incorrectly
- Bugfix: find query is cleared after switching tabs instead of reusing the same query from the previous tab
- Bugfix: matches counter wasn't very perceptible in dark themes
- Bugfix: compatibility with InstantFox Quick Search add-on: after previewing search results, the findbar would stop working in that tab
- Bugfix: highlights grid and sights shouldn't be visible in HTML5 fullscreen
- Bugfix: with the cursor in the findbar, Ctrl+Enter should always toggle Highlight All, even if the find query is empty
- Bugfix: it should only highlight links when finding in "links only" mode
- Bugfix: entering HTML5 fullscreen would close the findbar instead of just hiding it, so it wouldn't be open after exiting fullscreen
- Bugfix: highlights grid of iframes could sometimes be positioned out of its scrollbar
- Bugfix: on pages using iframes as their main content, don't place the frame's corresponding patterned hit in the main scrollbar, since it probably will never be visible anyway
- Bugfix: on pages using non-scrollable iframes embedded in their content, matches in these frames should appear in the main scrollbar's highlights grid
- Updated: many core modules and firefox API usage
- Other minor fixes and improvements

Version 267.5 kB Fonctionne avec Firefox 8.0 et supérieures

- Changed: with the global findbar, the highlights are no longer kept on a per-tab basis either
- Changed: the find bar on top is no longer hidden when there are notifcations, now it is displayed below them
- Bugfix: "Highlight All by default" would not respect the status of the button when using the global findbar
- Bugfix: not highlighting all when opening find bar with filling selected text and "Ctrl+F for close" is disabled
- Bugfix: the link in the About tab (in FBT's preferences) to the AMO page would not be built correctly sometimes
- Bugfix: hitting the Esc key in the Find in All Tabs standalone window will close it instead of closing only its findbar
- Minor appearance fixes

Version 267.1 kB Fonctionne avec Firefox 8.0 et supérieures

- New: add-on version in about tab in preferences
- New: status text has a "counter" attribute when the counter is used, to differentiate from the normal status labels
- Bugfix: filling findbar with selected text wasn't highlighting all occurences when the search query was already the same as the text selection

Version 266.8 kB Fonctionne avec Firefox 8.0 et supérieures

- Bugfix: it would close the browser window if clicking the close button on the find bar on top

- Changed: the Find in All Tabs lists at the bottom doesn't show the persona behind it since the find bar doesn't either, at least for now
- Bugfix: compatibility with Australis (Nightly)
- Bugfix: can't resize (height) the Find in All Tabs lists if they're at the top

Version 261.9 kB Fonctionne avec Firefox 8.0 et supérieures

- Bugfix: don't open Find in All Tabs when using the quickfind bar
- Bugfix: Next/Previous buttons disabled when using the global find bar and switching tabs when the find bar isn't empty
- Bugfix: incompatibility with "Edit Custom Button in Tab" from "Custom Buttons" add-on and other chrome tabs
- Bugfix: incompatibility with Update Scanner add-on
- Bugfix: compatibility with latest Aurora
- Bugfix: XML documents would be collapsed when running a search or opening its view source window
- The add-on breaks on Nightly because of Australis. This will be fixed soon.

Version 259.9 kB Fonctionne avec Firefox 8.0 et supérieures

- Changed: findbar on top is a bit more narrow to economize screen space; if you're updating from a previous version, you may have to restart firefox for this change to take effect completely
- Bugfix: findbar always closed when the Find in All Tabs lists were open and the feature "Close findbar when it loses focus" was enabled
- Bugfix: switching tabs with the Find in All Tabs lists open could sometimes trigger a wrong "Phrase not found" status
- Bugfix: sometimes, hitting F3 with the find bar closed would use a previously used value, instead of the value that was last used in that find bar
- Bugfix: severe decrease in performance when using both "Also highlight on find again" and "Remove highlights when the find bar is closed" and hitting F3 with the find bar closed
- Bugfix: high CPU load on some PDF pages sometimes

Version 259.3 kB Fonctionne avec Firefox 8.0 et supérieures

- Bugfix: opening new tab with personas (light-weight themes) would show the theme in the background instead of the normal blank page
- Bugfix: personas (light-weight themes) would not be properly applied to the find bar on top on the right

- New: FBT's custom preferences are now also synchronized through Firefox Sync!

Version 259.0 kB Fonctionne avec Firefox 8.0 et supérieures

- Bugfix: compatibility with some themes (e.g. FXChrome): find bar on top would be cut off (Firefox 25+)
- Bugfix: in Mac OS X the find bar on top would not have a bottom border (Firefox 25+)
- Bugfix: the corners of the find bar on top would not be in their correct position sometimes

Version 258.9 kB Fonctionne avec Firefox 8.0 et supérieures

- New: zh-TW locale
- Bugfix: highlights grid in scrollbar would not be accurate sometimes or would just fail completely
- Bugfix: compatibility with NoScript add-on, find bar on top would not appear on sites with blocked scripts
- Some performance improvements to the highlights grid and sights

- Bugfix: "Remove highlights when the Findbar is closed" was preventing the highlights to be applied automatically when running a search (Firefox 25+)

- Bugfix: Find in All Tabs and highlights could fail in PDF.JS pages in the last few versions of the add-on
- Bugfix: many minor fixes and improvements for when using Find in All Tabs and highlights in PDF.JS pages
- Bugfix: PDF.JS loading bar would be hidden by the find bar on top

- Bugfix: Find in All Tabs wouldn't automatically select the current tab when running a new search or updating the results
- Bugfix: Find in All Tabs would sometimes show the current tab twice in the results

- Bugfix: changing the timeout for closing the quick findbar would not be applied immediately
- Bugfix: if setting the quick findbar closing timeout too fast, the highlights would not be placed sometimes

Version 252.6 kB Fonctionne avec Firefox 8.0 et supérieures

- Bugfix: Find in All Tabs lists not being updated when dynamic content is loaded sometimes

- Changed: tweaked a little the behavior of "Highlight All by Default"
- Bugfix: on webpages that dynamically load content (Google search results, deviantArt, etc), highlights wouldn't be updated to reflect the new content
- Bugfix: sometimes sights would appear when there was no current match
- Bugfix: the "Move to top" checkbox could be disabled if in a previous version you had enabled "Move back to bottom" (the find bar on top was backed out recently in firefox, this preference is no longer present in FBT)
- Bugfix: Find in All Tabs feature was broken in current version of Firefox
- Bugfix: closing the Find in all Tabs lists through the button in the find bar would leave the find bar open in other tabs
- Bugfix: with the find bar on top, the last button in the bar would be partly covered by the find bar border in Firefox 24 and below
- Bugfix: conflicts with toolbar buttons of other add-ons
- Bugfix: highlights grid in scrollbar was not working in GMail
- Other minor bugfixes

Version 273.9 kB Fonctionne avec Firefox 8.0 et supérieures

- Small bugfix

- New: the highlights grid should now work in pages with frames, adding a grid to the scrollbar of each frame (Firefox 22 and above only)
-- Because this represents a higher degree of complexity, the default highlights limit in the grid has been lowered to 100; this value can still be changed at will in the preferences.
- New: preference to limit the number of sights on screen when applying to all highlights
- New: can filter the results in the Find in All Tabs search to: a specific tab group; pinned tabs or view source windows
- New: Find in All Tabs lists can be opened in a separate window!
- New/Changed: with the "Findbar starts closed in new tabs" preference enabled, on the new find bar in Firefox 25, if opening the find bar without a previous search present, it will always assume the last search value used in any tab, not just the first time it is opened
- Changed: when there isn't any current match, the results counter only shows the total number of matches found (instead of "0 of # matches", it will be only "# matches")
- Changed: the matches counter now correctly distinguishes singular and plural forms ("1 match" vs "2 matches")
- Bugfix: sights were not working in frames
- Bugfix: "Fill Findbar with selected text" would cause FBT to fail to initialize in older versions of firefox
- Bugfix: the persona background shouldn't be shown repeated before a new tab is loaded, unless the Find in All Tabs lists are open (it's needed in this case)
- Bugfix: there were some small problems with using Find in All Tabs in pages with frames
- Bugfix: compatibility with Pale Moon
- Bugfix: compatibility with Firefox 25 and above
- Bugfix: performing a "Links Only" search with highlights would highlight not only links but all occurrences of the search string
- Bugfix: some issues with forcing a specific type (quick/normal) of find bar in certain conditions
- Performance improvements when using sights on all highlights; together with the new limit preference, this actually becomes a usable feature now!
- Performance improvements when using the highlights grid.
- Other minor fixes and improvements

Version 223.1 kB Fonctionne avec Firefox 8.0 et supérieures

- Bugfix: version 1.3.2 broke sights in the view source window

- Bugfix: when opening an image in a tab that had highlights, the highlights grid would remain after the image had loaded

- Bugfix: sights would not be correctly placed if using any kind of zoom factor

Version 222.8 kB Fonctionne avec Firefox 8.0 et supérieures

- Changed: switched "Quick Findbar" and "Findbar Mode" blocks in preferences dialog to be more intuitive
- Changed: increased framerate of Focus Location sights style, so animation seems more fluid
- Changed: removed temporary compatibility fix for Canadian Weather add-on introduced in 1.3, latest version of add-on no longer conflicts with FBT; you should update it!
- Bugfix: compatibility with OmniSidebar and Firefox 25: sidebar border switch with a border when "Integrate with top chrome" is enabled
- Bugfix: compatibility with Firefox 25/26: new animations in the latest builds don't play well with FBT features
- Bugfix: compatibility with Firefox 25: Add-ons Manager tab with an extra top border

Version 1.3.1-signed 222.9 kB Fonctionne avec Firefox 8.0 et supérieures

- New: Compatibility with the new findbar in Firefox 25 (Current Nightly)
-- Although I tested thoroughly, some features may be broken due to several changes needed for this, please let me know about any new bugs
-- Removed "squareLook" and "placeAbove" hidden settings since Firefox 25's new default find bar has the exact same look as what these settings provided

- New: (Firefox 25) move the findbar back to the bottom of the browser
- New: (Firefox 25) make the findbar continuous with the rest of the chrome on top
- New: list of tabs in Find in All Tabs is now ordered by hits, with the tabs with most hits on top
- Bugfix: findbar on top (above the webpage) is now hidden when there are notifications open, so it doesn't cover the notification.
- Bugfix: some personas would add a shadow to the text in the Find in All Tabs lists, making it very hard to read
- Bugfix: sometimes switching to a new tab for the first time there would be a small lag
- Bugfix: native preferences (layout.word_select.*, accessibility.typeaheadfind.*, etc) were locked in about:config and could only be changed in FBT's preferences dialog
- Bugfix: highlights grid in scrollbar not working in the view source window
- Bugfix: find in tabs not updating current hit in lists when selecting a result from clicking on an entry
- Bugfix: hits counter not working with PDF documents in FF24 (maybe 23?) and above
- Bugfix: enabling and disabling the add-on could fail
- Bugfix: when enabling/disabling personas in Mac OS X, the findbar on top would be placed wrongly
- Bugfix: Find in All Tabs lists prevented the toolbars from being shown when moving the mouse to the top while in fullscreen
- Bugfix: compatibility with the FindList add-on: textbox would be narrower and covered some text; resizing the textbox would not work right away
- Bugfix: compatibility with the Canadian Weather add-on: white space at the bottom
- Many (many!) performance and appearance fixes and improvements

Version 210.4 kB Fonctionne avec Firefox 8.0 et supérieures

- Bugfix: slowdown on loading pages with lots of frames

Version 210.3 kB Fonctionne avec Firefox 8.0 et supérieures

- Improved automatic handling of new/changed/closed/unloaded tabs in "Find in All Tabs"
- Improved performance of "Find in All Tabs"
- Compatibility with right-to-left browser layouts
- Re-wrote and re-organized preferences dialog
- Tweaked the logo, more shiny and green
- New: set current search hit color
- New: the current search hit is also shown in the highlights grid in the scrollbar and in the Find in All Tabs lists
- New: set the number of repetitions of the sights animations
- New: resize the find text field by dragging its border
- New: hide the "Find:" label
- New: always use quickfind bar even from keyboard shortcut and toolbar button
- New: also highlight on 'Find Again'
- New: set whether opening the find bar fills it with the selected text or not
- New: option to automatically use selected text in the findbar, search for it and highlight it
- New: reset changed native firefox preferences
- Bugfix: view source tab items in "Find in All Tabs" weren't displaying the full window title
- Bugfix: some tab items in "Find in All Tabs" wouldn't display the favicon if it was the firefox branding logo or it was a pdf document
- Bugfix: hits in the "Find in All Tabs" would not work properly when pointing to an editable node or a frame
- Bugfix: toolbar button not properly sized sometimes
- Bugfix: a few issues with the buttons and the text field not being properly sized
- Bugfix: sometimes highlights wouldn't be added when switching tabs
- Bugfix: in some websites when dynamic content is loaded (AJAX), highlights wouldn't be re-done and the highlight all button would be unchecked
- Removed temporary fix for highlight all not working in Aurora (FF23), it's not needed anymore
- Removed zh-TW locale for now, it was currently only partially localized (less than half), will re-add if/when someone updates the localization in babelzilla
- Many other tweaks and improvements

Version 1.1.1-signed 178.5 kB Fonctionne avec Firefox 8.0 et supérieures

- New: zh-TW locale
- New: compatibility with PDF.JS (pdf documents opened with the firefox integrated pdf reader or the PDF Viewer extension)
- New: toolbar button to open and close the findbar
- New: can set sights color independently from highlights color
- New: can adjust the highlights grid from the preferences dialog
- New: Find in All Tabs! Search for the text in all opened tabs and windows.
- New: when hiding button labels, the "Match case" checkbox turns into a button like the others (a checkbox without a label is a bit weird)
- Bugfix: window elements would jump around at startup if movetoTop feature was enabled
- Bugfix: several findbar appearance glitches
- Bugfix: highlight all not working in Aurora (FF23)
- Updated: zh-CN and de locales
- Removed integrated compatibility with the NASA Night Launch theme, it was only partially themed anyway and it's better if the theme itself does this from now on

Version 149.8 kB Fonctionne avec Firefox 8.0 et supérieures

- New: two hidden settings: "squareLook" and "placeAbove" for an alternate style when moving the findbar to top, not yet perfect so not yet a full feature
- New: can move the contents of the findbar to the right even when it's placed under the webpage as normal
- Bugfix: compatibility with the viewPartialSource ("View Selection Source") window
- Bugfix: media tab in page info not showing everything
- Bugfix: now it's successfully reverting the typeaheadfind related preferences when the add-on is disabled, as it should
- Other small tweaks and improvements overall
- Removed Barlesque compatibility tweaks, this add-on is severely outdated and it was already impossible to make FBT fully compatible with it as it was. Don't despair as I'm already working on an alternative.

Version 1.1-signed 170.9 kB Fonctionne avec Firefox 8.0 et supérieures

- Add-on completely rewritten, it is now restartless with a shiny new logo!
- Compatibility with Firefox 22
- New: ability to reset highlights color to default
- New: "Findbar starts closed in new tabs" feature
- New: close findbar when it loses focus
- New: supports the findbar in the View Source window
- New: focus sights let you know easily where the occurences are in the page
- Bugfix: window resizing impossible
- Bugfix: compatibility with the TreeStyleTab add-on
- Removed: highlights grid next to the scrollbar, it will always be shown in the scrollbar now
- Many stability and performance improvements

I went through a year worth of e-mails to make sure I addressed everyone's issues. If I missed any, I'm sorry, please remind me again about any issue I may have overlooked.

Version 33.8 kB Fonctionne avec Firefox 4.0 et supérieures

- Bugfix: compatibility fix for the Speed Dial add-on

- Bugfix: compatibility fix for All-in-One Sidebar add-on with sidebar on the right of the window
- Bugfix: compatibility fix with barlesque, still not perfect, position the add-on bar "on top" only, other options are buggy with findbar on top
- Bugfix: starting firefox with grid outside of the scrollbar can lead to a bad first page layout
- Bugfix: clicking a highlight on the grid outside of the scrollbar wouldn't scroll the page to its place
- Other minor fixes and improvements

Version 29.7 kB Fonctionne avec Firefox 4.0 et supérieures

- Behavior fix to follow AMO guidelines

Version 29.7 kB Fonctionne avec Firefox 4.0 et supérieures

- Changed: Ctrl+F closing the find bar is optional
- Changed: choose whether the "Find as you type" feature uses the regular or the quick findbar
- Bugfix: unchecking "Use highlights grid" while page is highlighted doesn't remove the grid
- Bugfix: highlights color not applying to actual page highlights when firefox is set to apply changes immediately
- Bugfix: findbar wouldn't hide when opening about:config

- Bugfix: page layout screwed up when toggling between grid modes and sometimes when opening a new tab
- Bugfix: highlights in the scrollbar not showing up sometimes

- Changed: quickfind status text and icon are hidden when using the highlights counter (they're redundant)
- Bugfix: when opening new tabs, the scrollbar becomes transparent on the old tab
- Bugfix: counter works even if the page isn't highlighted
- New: correctly handle frames and editable content (e.g. the google search box), these are shown with a distinct pattern in the grid
- New: delay the highlights when the search term is shorter than a defined number of characters
- New: don't populate the highligh grid when there are more than a defined number of highlights
- Overall improved performance and responsiveness of the add-on

- Bugfix: highlight grid outside of scrollbar not hiding in the most recent versions

- Compatibility fix for the Tree Style Tab add-on: high cpu load
- Compatibility fix for the AutoPager add-on: when the next pages are loaded by autopager the page is re-highlighted to account for the new content
- Improved placement of highlights in the highlight grid (more accurate, however still not perfect on big pages)
- Bugfix: options dialog sometimes not responding correctly when toggling certain options

- Compatibility fix for the Clear Fields add-on
- Bugfix: highlight grid shown in the content area before a new tab is loaded

- Compatibility fixes for the NASA Night Launch theme
- Bugfix: move findbar to top was broken in linux
- Bugfix: highlights incorrectly positioned in linux
- Bugfix: findbar appearing unwanted in chrome pages like the addons manager

- Changed: hits counter display from '(## hits)' to '(##selected of ##total hits)'
- Bugfix: hits counter not showing in the quickfindbar

Version 20.5 kB Fonctionne avec Firefox 4.0 et supérieures

- Bugfix: scrollbar with weird appearance when grid is visible next to it
- Changed: 'Show Findbar on startup' feature to 'Remember Findbar opened/closed state on startup'

- Compatibility fix with LessChrome HD - FindBar won't stay on top of the toolbox if the "move to top" option is checked

- Bugfix: apply correct preferences related to specific operating systems

- Tweaked the Highlight grid, it's more responsive and it works better
- Improved scrolling to search result from the highlight grid (not in the scrollbar)
- Bugfix: FindBar on top with personas should be fully compatible now

- New: highlight grid in the scrollbar
- New: a couple of extra options related to the quickfindbar: enable/disable and timeout
- FindBar on top now works with personas (kind of)
- Code cleanup and improvement

- Completly re-did the way the findbar positions itself at the top

- Quick bugfix

- New: when history remembers highlights it also remembers the highlight grid
- Bugfix: page display screwed up when both highlights grid and notifications such as popup blocked notification are present, now when there is a notification, the grid will be hidden
- Bugfix: displaying the bar at the top (again yes, this is really hard)
- Bugfix: highlights not being removed when they should be (page refresh, history navigation...)
- Compatibility fix: clicking "Find Suggest" suggestions now activate Highlight functions as well
- Cleanup

- Updated for comformity with AMO (resets settings from previous versions)

- Bugfix: highlights grid background

- Bugfix: displaying the findbar at the top
- Cleanup

- Initial release