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The feedback b4 mine can be used as a very accurate example to explain what is trolling. This is by far the best addon on its category. A lot of features while it is flawless from early versions which is really amazing. Having buttons for prev next is not only unnecessary but in contrast with the scope of it. Fastest -> you type and starts showing results, no menu to open or anything. Implementing buttons on that is stupid. What is faster after you type to go to mouse, find menu and click or just to press f2/f3?? If he is referring to the alternative version of searching using the popped menu after ctrl-f again stupid since if you want that is the exact behavior you had (and still have) without the use of the addon so use that! Maybe instead of checking irrelevant things and making racist comments he should have spent his time reading the guide but then what kind of troll would he be?

This addon has really become indispensable on my heavy daily use of ff, even if i still didn't find the time to implement its features in full extent. I really hope the developer continues to maintaining it.

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (3.31.1-signed). 

Thanks for the support - and yes, I will support this addon in the foreseeable future as I use it myself daily, or hourly, or every few minutes I browse the net. :)

Don't worry about this foul-mouthed reviewer - I'm certain such behavior is not going to be tolerated by the review moderators. I'm glad that there are many people smart enough and passionate enough to love Fastest Search, makes my effort worth it!

Valuable addon! Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

I am glad that finally this addon gets the credit it deserves. It is definitely one of the best addons i have used, in the top 3 list of my addons. One thing i am still missing is the ability to open results from smartbox in a background tab. If i can make some more suggestions:
- Choice so that in a place of the smartbox to always display the last search engine that was used (usually when we search for something we do that for more than one time in the same task).
- With alt+enter in url bar a new tab is open with the result of the action (the default behavior). But it does not do the same for addon's search engines keywords, i would like to see that happening (useful if you want to search for some term but you want to add something - you can do that by clicking tab from the smart box but then your only choice is to have the results in the same window - or am i missing something?)
keep up the good work!

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (3.31.1-signed). 

Use last engine is not difficult, but I don't find it true in my everyday usage. You might consider just increase your favorite engine's "Usage Rank" (in that engine's settings) and/or modify SSB for an alternative.

You can consider use keyboard up/down arrow keys to choose the right option in the suggest panel, then press shift-enter to preview that entry. Again, not exactly what you suggested, but a possible alternative.

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Just one word, WOW! perfect work! No wonder why this has one of the best ratings. (i checked 3.25 version, 3.0 didn't work well with FF 25.1)

Because there are always ideas for something more, i would like to share my thoughts for some extra functionality:
I would like to have the option in autosuggestion to open all engines from a category instead of the best ranked. For example for translation, google is not always very accurate, but from results from some other translation engine or maybe by combining both of them it gets easier to understand the meaning.

And some suggestions to improve the experience for people like me who work mostly with keyboard:
- The popup window with the results from the tab or for all the tabs is similar to preview window, can you add the option to close them with Esc like for the preview window?
- Also for preview window, with left/right arrows (or with alt+arrows) the ability to move between tabs (in case with multitab results from category), with enter (or alt+enter) to open the focused tab in the main window (instead of double clicking it)
- Similar to the one above, with the result window for finding words, with up/down arrows to move between results and with enter going to the place of the specific word (instead of mouse clicking for it)
- Maybe a key to change focus between those windows and the main window
- Also one addition to smart search box, a key combination (maybe ctrl+enter) instead of right clicking to open results in the alternative window target (preview/main)

One last suggestion only if it is easily implemented:
It would be nice to be able to choose for each engine which html elements to display in the preview window (for example in the google translate to display only the text box with the results instead of the whole page - searchbastard addon had a similar feature)

Once more, great work with this one, thank you for sharing it with us.

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (3.0.1-signed). 

Thanks for your suggestions! I'm replying to them below:

1. What do you mean by "autosuggestion"? The suggest panel that opens when you type sth. like "g keyword" in location bar? Or Smart Searchbox? In both cases, I think the way/workaround is to type the category name like "Translation keyword" and then choose anything from the suggest panel or click SSB icon. Or use "g,y keyword" to launch two engines ("g,y" works in SSB too).
2-3. Both should be doable, but it's a low priority for now.
4. Result window - that's likely not doable due to focus shifts necessary to show proper highlighting of results on page.
5. Change focus - I'll think about it as this is a way to get around the issue in #4 above.
6. SSB opens preview - it's already available. Press "Shift-Enter" or shift-click.
7. Only show chosen HTML elements in preview - sorry I don't have plans to do that.