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Je viens de découvrir cette magnifique extension hier;
je peux déjà dire que j'apprécie 2 choses: 1) la Smart Search Box, vraiment très paramétrable, et hyper-facile d'accès par popup2) la fonction de filtre par Ctrl-Shift-F ( ou Ctrl-F pour les inconditionnels !), qui permet, notamment, de filtrer dans un énorme fichier log ( visites de sites, etc...)
M. Mingyi Liu est un super développeur, des extensions comme celle-ci, j'en veux tous les jours ! ... Merci.
PS: une suggestion pour améliorer la fonction filtre des fichiers logs, qui se terminent par .txt (ou .log ?): ne pas afficher les x caractères (x est un paramètre) avant la chaine recherchée, mais uniquement les caractères précédents jusqu'au caractère "nouvelle ligne" ou la séquence "CR+LF" facile à demander... qu'à faire !Christophe

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Thanks for your kind review! I used SSB to translate and understand it. :)

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I have no recollection of installing this add-on to my PC. However it got there, I love it!

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Someone must've installed it for you then. Glad that you like it!


By Far the most comprehensive extension I have found. It will replace many addons I have now and will DEFINITELY IMPROVE THE SPEED and specificity of my searches. Thank you Mr. Liu. YOU, Mingyi, are the REAL DEAL. I support and salute you!

*****Additional thoughts:
"UGLY..." Reviewer: TAKE NOTE, IF YOU WILL, of the following "Note to Developer"...

BTW, I wrote this before I read Mr. Liu's response to your "ugly..." review.

Note to Developer:

Mingyi, the intricate thought patterns, logic, and scale of sophistication you incorporated into "Fastest Search" as well as your ability to pack SO MANY PRECISION tools into ONE Add-on, is a clear demonstration that you are superior in your field. (As Spock might say: "...He clearly possesses a superior intellect.")

You even built your on tools!!?? MAN!


Cette critique est pour une version précédente du module (3.29.1-signed). 

Thanks for your enthusiastic review! Such appreciation makes me feel all my efforts was worth it.

UPDATE: Thanks for standing up for me too! :) I appreciate your taking the time and effort to defend FS, which can truly be appreciated the more one uses it. At least that reviewer did mention that FS has many many features. And after seeing my reply and your post, he removed his review (perhaps agreeing to our points?). Regardless appreciate both actions from you and the reviewer!

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v3.05 - Now text search panel (or find panel) always opens at bottom right, a bit less intrusive than before - sorry if you don't like it at first!

I have two monitors, on the first screen (left) maximized firefox when I open text search panel, it shows at bottom left on second monitor, but I expect it at bottom right first monitor.

Cette critique est pour une version précédente du module (3.29.1-signed). 

Back from vacation and confirmed this. As I suggested earlier, however, that this is an Addon SDK issue that's beyond my control. I just filed a bug report (, hopefully this gets fixed.

On the other hand though, I actually find the Find Panel opening on another screen a nice thing as it's not covering any document content at all.

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seems pretty cool

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Great job!

Cette critique est pour une version précédente du module (3.0.1-signed). 

Thanks! BTW I used Fastest Search to find out the translation for "素晴らしい!" :)

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The new smart cut is very good , but smart paste is causing me trouble ( upon middle clicking any where in the page , if missed a link click then pasting content to top search box , also page scrolling to top) . So what i think is either there should be separate options for Smart Cut , Copy , Paste or Smart paste behavior should be fixed ( only paste when textbox is near ) [ As there is only one checkbox for all 3 i disabled all 3 ]

Feature request : I use "Find as you type" if i use backspace its deleting but I want arrows to be used to edit it [ I know Ctrl +shift +f you can do , but not if FAYT }

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I changed my mind and separated Smart Cut/Copy and Smart Paste into two options in Misc. Settings in v3.25. Just download & install and disable Smart Paste.

Previous reply:
The Smart Paste along doesn't cause you trouble, it's because you have both Smart Paste and Middle click paste enabled. The Smart Paste enables pasting into the top searchbox (or searchbar if no box on page) if user is not pasting into any particular textbox - this behavior is actually useful if you think about it. The Middle click paste was the reason why Smart Paste was even activated when your middle click misses a link. I'm not sure there's a way to make the behavior of the 2 features combined suit every user by default. I honestly think (and users complained) that FS already has too many options so I'm leery to adding another one for this. Sorry.

I thought about implementing caret when I first implemented FAYT but it was technically/conceptually troublesome, so I gave up on it. It doesn't work well when not using textbox, therefore using Find Panel with Ctrl-Shift-F is the only way.

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Great job!

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amazing, thanks! ;)

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Really Huge! Powerful Search Engine & More! Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

a little need made me discover this, i watched the whole instruction video & i really have to recommend it! Truly useful. Already part of my surf experience!

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Thank you for taking the time for the video & write the review! Allowing users search and surf faster has always been my goal for this addon.

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Fastes search is just the best and most integral solution for searching text in pages and tabs and fast online search engines access (via location bar for example). The developer is very supportive and very helpful in considering ideas and problems. The settings user interface is a bit awkward, but that is mainly because there are so many possible configurations and the developer has succesfully tried to not cumber the user with too many text and information (unless you press "?").
There is no other search add-on that reaches this level; I have tried them all. There used to be some things that couldn't be done that other similar addons could, but meanwhile they are all integrated and working (also the ones I myself have asked!).

Cette critique est pour une version précédente du module (3.0.1-signed). 

Thank you for the kind review! I'm glad that FS is meeting your needs!

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Great extension! One of my favorites already. Especially since adding search engines via mycroft project doesn't seem to work anymore, but this is more powerful and easier anyway!

Only frustration so far was finding the Options pop-up -it's in the add-on bar, which I don't use, but you can move it to the navigation bar if you want.

And, of course, it's really complicated, but you don't have to learn ALL of it if you don't want. With just five minutes you invest on it you'll already have upgraded your search experience much.

Cette critique est pour une version précédente du module (3.0.1-signed). 

Thanks for the review! Indeed Options system is not ideal (although one can get used to it and in many cases it's much faster than the usual addon options).

Also true that invest a few minutes is all that it takes to enjoy a few major features that'd make a difference for search/browse experience. More advanced features can be learned as users wish.

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Świetna rzecz!

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Doesn't work anymore Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Suddenly stopped working: search stops at the first character with "key too short" message :'-( Seems to be a bug in FF25 though, hopefully they will fix it because this extension is really useful.

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New update: this turns out to be an incorrect (IMO) "bug fix" in FF25 that actually caused issues for programs handling both keydown and keypress, while preventdefault in keydown is called. The bug fix in FF25 is ostensibly making sense but did not realize there are VALID situations that keypress must be handled and keydown doesn't work in those cases (unless FF also fixed issues there in v25). Anyhow I will try to work out a workaround over this "fix" in FF25.

More update: I investigated, a truly good workaround that works properly on all webpages is NOT possible any more (see my comment on But the vast majority of sites should work fine.

Final update: I implemented and released the imperfect workaround in v3.17. Hopefully FF developers can provide a good working alternative or reverse their decision.

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the extension require time to understand and use, see the video, its really really awesome add!!

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Thanks for your review! Indeed, spending time watching the video will definitely reward users with much better browsing/searching experience. It's time well spent.

I appreciate your response Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Thank you for a very clear response. As I said, and I believe you understood this, what I wrote was only my opinion on certain aspects. I said that I, as well as all your users must, appreciate your efforts into coding such a feature-extensive add-on, and I meant it. And yes it's true that my review may have been a little biased, but that is unavoidable after all, I do have my tastes and, like you said, I am proud of my own add-on. But in all honesty, it was meant only as constructive criticism.

If I was to leave a review before, I would have given it a higher rating before (I will do now, after your response, as an attentive developer like you seem to be is always appreciated in a community like this), but you must understand that, considering that your add-on is now not only featured but as well as a Pick of the Month, it should meet a higher degree of standards, which I don't believe it does yet, but as I mentioned, it can definitely in the future.

Just some final notes (if you wish, we can discuss this further by e-mail):

- The difficulty in the first-configuration process, I do believe it is of critical importance, because every single user that installs the add-on must go through that at least once. It's usually a first impression (When I open the FAQ page I see a small scrollbar so I think "That's a lot to read...", when I open the video I see 40 minutes duration and I think "That's a lot to watch..." etc) that either makes the user keep or discard an add-on. It turned me off before and did so again this time. I'm sure that it has been the same for many other users.

- That is valid also for the UI. And by "impose" I didn't mean like you like it so you have to get everyone to do so as well, you may have misunderstood me here. I meant the lack of customization you provide for these elements. Right now, if I wanted to change anything I'd have to use Stylish, and that implies a higher degree of knowledge than most users have. You're right about one thing, if I don't like I should either help or just not use it. I said that it was just my personal preference to like simpler things. I did not mean to be rude and I apologize if that was how you took it, it was not my intention at all.

- I did not check the categories of the add-on, but neither do most users when they search for something rather than browse categories, they just see the name of the add-on and the small description most times. I have to stand by my opinion on this matter, that those features are typical of a very different add-on than this, and I do believe you could easily expand them to their own add-on if you so wanted.

Again, I apologize if in my previous review I seemed harsh. It was not my intent at all. I think I put the goggles of a reviewer for a moment and I tend to be very critic like that sometimes.

Cette critique est pour une version précédente du module (3.0.1-signed).  Cet utilisateur a une revue précédente sur ce module.

Thank you for the new review & I do very much appreciate your explanation and updates! I understand, as a developer myself, I complain about non-intuitive/awkwardly-designed things a lot too and definitely some of your points are valid. As I said, the Find in All Tabs feature in your FBT addon is the best of kind among all addons (UPDATE: with FS v3.12's new result presentation, FS is now very good in result presentation and the most feature complete for all Find in All Tabs addon IMO) and you're actively improving it, it's understandable you would be critical of other addons when focused on similar features.

As I replied earlier, the customization UI is clumsy at first, and not easy to navigate for new users. But I didn't/couldn't change it for multiple reasons: 1. Initially it wasn't possible to do so as Addon SDK didn't support a traditional options. 2. It's a huge effort to do so - especially when localization support has to switch too. 3. The nice in-context linked documentation will be gone too if I switch to Addon SDK's newly supported, and still non-perfect options support - there would be new complaints arising if I do so. So this criticism I just have to endure for a while, although I am thinking of ways to make it less aggravating. UPDATE: v3.12 with the "reshow" main Options panel option enabled by default, it removes a little frustration.

My UI overall could be improved for sure. The search panel I've informed interested user that they can change CSS themselves. The Options panels are much more work as said above unfortunately.

As for inclusion of other features in a mainly search addon, I agree it could be annoying for those not interested in the features. But since the drag-n-drop are right click mouse gestures that won't usually be activated, and autocopy is mostly (but not always) harmless, I do not feel a change is needed right now - especially since my Linux-based friends do like them, I myself too.

To expand those features into their own addons are possible, but that defeats the purpose of me making this addon. I liked the "Autocopy" and "Super Dragandgo" addons before, but the latter died and I didn't want to install separate addons for every feature I need. So I made one myself to include those features. It just happens that the main feature by far that I put into this all-in-one addon is search-related. I agree plenty of people seemed to only want regex feature, but I'd rather people spend 20 seconds to disable the non-regex features they don't need (they're all readily accessible in the main Options panel to be turned on/off) in this situation than me spending a lot of time splitting the addons into two portions and maintaining two sets of sometimes-overlapping codebase.

Thanks again for your review! I apologize as well as I was getting harsher near the end of my reply too and I'm glad that our exchange resulted in better understanding not bitterness. I hope that eventually you could enjoy FS to its full extent (some of the features takes some getting used to, but once you start using it for a little bit, you'd love it I believe).

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I have been using fastest search for some months.

Vantage points: Versatile smart Search box (I use it all the time), versatile text search inside pages, versatile drag&drop of links to open them in new tabs (this one is really cool), search using search-engine groups

Weak points: As far as I know there is no way you can change the default key (SHIFT) to open the smart search box.

Verdict: Amazing add-on.

P.S.The author's introductory video ( is a must. Do watch it.

Cette critique est pour une version précédente du module (3.0.1-signed). 

Thanks for the review! You're right that SHIFT key is currently the only shortcut to bring up a closed smart search box again - I didn't create another keyboard shortcut because I feel reselect would work faster than a complicated keyboard shortcut in fact.

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This is a great addon with everything I need. Functions beutifuly and it seems that everything is thought of to great detail. Instant search works great.
Thank you for all the work you must've put in to this.
However I've look through the settings, FAQ, video, help section and there's two things I can't find.Is there a way to disable instant search only for the url bar but not the search bar? The disable instant search for url bar setting seems to disable both?
Is there a way to set a default search engine for instant search in the search bar? (searching google instant results without having to use "g random crap" instead "random crap" in the search bar (only seems to use google as default in the url bar but not the search bar)

Cette critique est pour une version précédente du module (3.0.1-signed). 

Thanks for your kind review! For your questions:
1. You're right, I don't separate Instant for locationbar and searchbar. This is partially because some of my users noted that they usually hide the searchbar, given that FS allows them to search any engine in location bar already. So searchbar is redundant, and I don't feel doing sth. differently for it was necessary. I do see your point that maybe you want to use Instant in locbar but not in searchbar - one not-ideal replacement by turning Instant on/off quickly using Ctrl-Alt-I shortcut? Another probably better alternative is to add a custom engine you want, AND disable instant on this engine (it's an option). Then when you want Instant search, just type keyword/engine normally. When you do NOT want instant search, use that newly added engine shortcut, which won't load instantly (when using this method, make sure that you do not check the "Do not show suggestions" checkbox in FS main Options panel).
2. You can set the engine to whichever one you have by clicking on FS icon to show the main Options panel, then click "Instant Settings" then input a "URL Bar Engine Shortcut" (input 'e' to use ebay as default, 'a' to use amazon etc.)

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Excellent addon that really makes browsing a lot more efficient for me. I'd highly recommend for any power user.

The smart searchbox is something I use constantly as I'm always highlighting text to look up on google, wikipedia, youtube, and other sites.
Being able to open links in new tabs by dragging and the customizable search engines shortcuts + search suggestions are a godsend for browsing speed.

Looking forward to version 3.0! (or just a version packed with SDK 1.14 since firefox 22 is approaching soon and it breaks addons packed with older SDK versions)

Cette critique est pour une version précédente du module (2.31.1-signed). 

Thanks! I think I've given 3.0 enough test. Never had issue since once a month ago, good enough to go. Can't say for all users, but new features & working for FF22 makes v3.0 a necessity. Will upload for AMO review this weekend.

UPDATE: I had to take hours to work on a couple issues caused by FF22 retiring the API I was using for some features. There are other things needing my time over the weekend too, so I couldn't get to one last test on all features (as much as I can at least) before uploading. Will do that next week, sorry for the delay.