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Nice and amazing!! Powerful!! It deserves a 5-star-rate!!

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Remember, if somebody says that your addon sucks, they don't know a thing about computers. Finding the right word of phrase can sometimes be such an exhilarating task that makes my eyes water everytime. But, not anymore. I've seen this plugin on one of my employees in Scorpion Computer Services, and the way it circles the words is the right way to localize an entity in Mozilla. I honestly believe that this should be a standard feature in Mozilla Firefox, so more users can enjoy the beauty of this plugin/add-on!

Thanks! Glad that you guys all like the addon!

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Great work Mr. Liu.

I did just update to Fastest Search 3.363 from your website and it works great in FireFox36.0.4 and WaterFox36.0.4

It saves me a lot of time when browsing in FF; it's highly personalizable. Fast support as well.

I was also stuck on fastestfox (like another guy) and frustrated about the lack of customization, so I replaced it with this add-on it saved the day. I absolutely love it!

I donated to this developer because it really works, I have used this is add-on for about 1 ½ year, and I still love it………..

I am using the “Smart Search Box” the most and it’s fast.

With a little patience and the Youtube explanation this is definitely a great tool and probably the best one around. Thank you so much for taking time to develop this add-on and for sharing it with all of us.

This add-on has really become indispensable on my heavy daily use of FF.

I use Selection Search 0.7.23 extension in Chrome and they are very similar when it comes to the "smart-search" boxes.

I hope for you will give it a try because it really is an amazing and efficient search tool,


Thanks for the kind review and donation! Glad that you like my addon. FastestFox has one or two nice features that FS doesn't have, like endless page, but FS has a lot more powerful features that FastestFox doesn't have. For searching in tab or across tab, no addon or browser is more powerful that FS, period. :)

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In NoScript: "Allow scripts globally". -> Disable then enable Fastest Search -> In Noscript: "Forbit scripts globally".
Then every thing is fine just for this browser session, which means after restarting firefox, you should do it again.

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Update: NoScript author replied and suggested me try his latest version (development build v linked at and this version works well with FS now!

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great addon, thank you again Mr Liu.

Unfortunately it stopped working for me.
my configuration: Fastest Search 3.363 / firefox 37 (recent update) / noscript / windows 8 pc

it seems since last firefox update to version 37, Fastest Search doesn't work any more :
when doing a search or clicking on the FS icon, the expected pannel opens, but it is empty, blank.

I noticed that when I deactivate the noscript addon, Fastest Search is working fine again.

Before that,every thing was working fine under firefox 36, both Fastest Search and Noscript could work together, wich is no longer the case under firefox 37.

is there a workaround to have Fastest Search working in firefox 37, without deactivating noscript ?
Thank you for any help.

EDIT : Thank you for your answer. I hope we'll have a fix very soon.

last EDIT april 9: Thank you very much Mr. Liu.
I got Noscript update to v, and now Fastest Search is working perfectly again.

Last update: NoScript author replied and suggested me try his latest version (development build v linked at and this version works well with FS now!

Previous reply: Yes, I was notified by another user of this NoScript issue. I wrote to NoScript author and hopefully he replies with a workaround or fix on his part. I couldn't find a NoScript option to allow it NOT disable FS Options Panel. This really needs to be solved on NoScript part.

Update: It's now been 5 days and NoScript author still didn't reply. I wrote to him again and left a post on his forum. Hopefully soon we get it resolved.

Newer update: User SVettel just found a workaround: Set NoScript to allow script globally, then go to Addon Manager to disable FS then enable FS, now set NoScript to disallow script globally again. Now everything works until you restart browser, at which time you have to do this again.

Bug Report | Cyberfox 36.0.1 - FS 3.362 Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles


after pushing the serach button to do a text search on a page I get the error:
Syntaxerror: The expression is not a legal expression.

Btw. a nicer looking menu would really be awesome.
somehing more modern with a better overview. =)



Thanks, that did the trick! :)

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You probably tried out the Restrict Search feature (in the red div on top right after you search, you should see a small font "restricted") and entered an illegal character or syntax.

Anyhow just press Ctrl-Alt-T and clear what you see in the popup, then press OK. It should work like before now.

I'll probably not spend time on aesthetics, although I do see the point.

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Today, when I started up FF36.0.1, I got an error message saying:

"Search Engine file corrupted!
File location: C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\fipfp9ph.Standard-Benutzer\extensions\\\resources\fastestsearch\data\engines.json
Error Message: SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected end of data at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data."

I couldn't use the add-on, and the options button had disappeared. I didn't change anything in the options prior to the error.
Add-on worked again after I completely removed and reinstalled it.
Just wanted to report this.

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That warning means the search engine file was corrupted/changed to invalid format for whatever reason. I have no idea what happened on your computer but I'll change code to handle this more gracefully (unless the loss of the file impacted proper usage).

As for SSB disappearing - I'm not sure having SSB stay on is preferred by most users, but I do share the feeling that sometimes you'd like to try several engines or come back and try a different engine. That's why I have a somewhat hidden (documented but not easy to find) feature that you just need to press the Shift key once to bring up the SSB again as long as the text is still selected.

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vital, without it FF is not the same

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Now that you mention it, there is no preview at all, just an empty space where it was before. I also tried disabling all other addons except FastestSearch and the problem still persists.

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That is strange. The preview does not show if you're on a non-webpage (meaning if you're on about:newtab or about:addons (addon manager) page, and try to set SSB, the preview will be blank). You need to be on normal webpage or about:home. However, the preview itself is not related to being able to save engine or not.

Which FF version are you using? Are you using FS 3.362? Which OS are you using?

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Amazing and usefull, i was stuck to fastestfox and was about to degrade my firefox in order to have it but this add-on saved the day...I absolutely love it!

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This is seriously one of the best add-ons.

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Great work Mr Liu. It's saved me a lot of time; it's highly personalizable and i love it.
Great work Mr Liu. It's saved me a lot of time; it's highly personalizable and i love it.
My bad, I wasn't clear. On my Smart Searchbox, there is a box that you call SSB.
There is my search engines "code" : g,gt,yt,d4,d7,gm in my Smart Searchbox's options.
I just want to know if I can make disapear only the textbox in my Smart Searchbox cause I just don't use it.
For instance a smart seachbox with juste google, youtube, wikipedia and google map will be perfect for me without the textbox.
Otherwise, the personalization is awesome and very complete.

If you meant that you would like to replace the wildcard engine in SSB, click on FS icon to launch Options, click on "Smart Searchbox" top right, and change the engine shortcuts there by removing/replacing the '*'.
If you want to disable SSB altogether then the checkbox is in the Options.

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With a little patience and the youtube explanation this is definitely a great tool and probably the best one around. Thank you so much for taking the time to make and share this.

I stumbled upon this addon because fastestfox is completely broken in FF 35 and now replaced it with fastest search and betterfox, the last one provides the endless pages which has been broken in fastestfox for a very long time. I do miss the nice standard wikipedia explanation pop up search box of fastestfox but the right click also does a great job.

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I'm proofreading a large collection of web pages, making sure that cross-references in a document set have been hyperlinked. To do this efficiently I need to use a regular expression search on one of several terms (like "above|below"). Fastest Search enables this perfectly, with highlighting, and it also saves the last search so that to repeat it on a new page you just need to type F1. And those are only the features I have discovered so far! It's going to save me a bunch of time.

Thanks for the review & glad FS is helping you! I just want to point out that an advanced feature that might be helpful for you with regards to hyperlink is to press Ctrl-Alt-T to bring up a restriction dialog. This allows for searching only links or specific html tags with certain attributes etc. It might be helpful for your proofreading.

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One of my favourite plugins.

Only if it could also replace Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

It would have been incredible if this addon could also replace text in textareas using regex.

Conflicts with FindBar Tweak Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

I was going to give this extension 5 stars, but it breaks one aspect of FindBar Tweak, which I also use. Specifically, after installing this extension FindBar will always close if I press <Ctrl-F> even if I have "Ctrl+F also closes the FindBar" disabled in FindBar Tweak. Ideally I'd like this extension to have the UI of FindBar Tweak, but that is probably asking too much.

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Not works with Aurora. Need fix.

UPD. Thank you, Mingyi. 3.362 works with Aurora.

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Update: fixed it.

Previously reply: Strangely FS 3.31 works on Aurora but not 3.36 and 3.361. I'll find out why but in the meantime you might need to revert back to 3.31.

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New version fixed the issue. Thanks much for your quick response.
It seems that fastest search has little issue with firefox v34. When typing to search, it always shows "fastest (33 of undefined)", which fastest is an example. It was "fastest (1 of 33)". I'm not sure if it's a bug.
It's a must-have. I will still rate it 5 stars!

Update: New version released at and you can install it. The issue is fixed.

Previous reply: Yes, thanks to some FF programmer who made an ill-advised change to its API functions, FS's display of search results was broken in FF34, which BTW now has its own search count, finally.

I've fixed this issue and will release it in a day or two. Will reply to you about it once it's released.

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I'm very new to this add-on, but it has already exceeded my expectations. While it is neither pretty nor well documented, it is the best I have downloaded so far. Fastest Search is really fast and brilliantly adaptive.

Some questions/comments:

Drag-and-drop saving does not trigger firefox's blue download arrow. I think that would be helpful.

Google has made me go through several CAPTCHA questions when using the add-on. Is this a problem on my end of things?

Setting default search to another engine has been unreliable for me, yielding results in Google (it also seems like there is a slower response).

It would be great to have a keyboard shortcut to select the first (or any) entry that pops up as I type before completing the search. Right now I would have to select a suggested search term, then load the page and eventually some combination of tabs and arrows selects desired entry. I mostly end up using a mouse for this.
I know there is control-; (or command-;) but that just sends me to a text box.

Thanks for the review!
1. FS tries to save image using cache first, otherwise download from src. Not sure if download manager works same way - and another issue is the default download location needs switching to the one designated by dnd region then back too. Regardless it's too late to switch, although it'd be nice I agree.
2. This is due to your typing very fast and your Instant feature value set a bit too low (which means as you type, FS sent too many search queries in a short amount of time that Google suspect you're running automated queries using computer, rather than yourself). Adjust the "min. instant value" and "max. instant value" upward in "Instant Settings" option panel will help.
3. I cannot reproduce this. Do note that by default when you type in URLBar, FS loads results first from History/Bookmark search, then it queries Google or the engine you set. Let's say you've searched the word "computer" before, and thus your history would have a page of Google result of computer. Now you switch to "Yahoo as URLBar engine and type "computer" again. Instead of finding "computer" through Yahoo, FS would load your history of Google result instead. This is the intended behavior. You can disable loading History/Bookmark search results from the "Instant Settings" option panel too.
4. shortcuts for selecting results would be nice, but a. I'm not sure sth. like ctrl-number is faster than mouse as you need to figure out which number it is first, through counting. b. ctrl-number is already used by Firefox. c. There're no other good shortcuts.