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I like this addon, but since the firefox 40 update it doesn't show anymore.

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Finally I can filter things I do not like. Ye gods be thankful!!

Even though this is the manna of the heavens, there are a few things which could be improved on.

- No ordering function. Had to disable the filter to order things with Fanfic's own filter and then enable it again.

- No language filter. Again, had to disable the filter first to do this with Fanfic's own filter and then enable it again.

- No rating filter. Again had to disable the filter, use fanfic's own, and then enable it.

- Doesn't work with "Just in" fanfics/crossover which have been recently update/posted.

- No category filter. This! This is the filters biggest fault in my opinion. I wouldn't really mind using this and fanfic's own filter to filter stuff, but Jesus Tap dancing Christ am I sick of seeing Naruto, Harry Potter or any other overrated BS crossed over with stuff I like and that don't make sense. I mean "Naruto replacing Commander Shepard and fighting the Reaper army with his Ninja-fu dattebayo!!" is just physically painful. Very.

- This isn't a fault, but merely and suggestion. Is there a possibility for you to get your hands on FanFiction Reader Traffic statistics for chapter visitors? With this filter it may be possible to find somewhat good and/or popular stuff in recently updated and/or posted stories whit out going through all the BS being posted everyday.

These are the things I noticed that could use improvement. But overall, I am still very thankful for somebody answering my prayers.

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First of all thank you finally I don't need to look like a hawk to avoid the yaoi/mpreg storys. I would like to give 5 stars but there're still one thing that I don't like/bothers me:
Without looking on the screenshot it is easy to overlook the button/icon in the adressbar for the filter. Like in my case I did found the character-filter clicked on it and found well the character-filter but not the content filter, I clicked on the filters and found nothing has changed. Next I check the description again and then at the screenshoot to finaly found where the content filter is.
It maybe just me who was plainly to stupid to found it or not but I would appreicate it if you simply add the filter as a button on the site like it is done wither the applying button for the character filter.