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Pourquoi le module FabTabs a-t-il été créé ?

FabTabs is my most recent piece of art. Though I first created it in the beginning of 2008, I did not release it until July 2009. I got the idea while I was walking my dog actually trying to figure out a way to make a website more easy to recognize outside it's contents. In some of the early proof of technology versions I experimented with colored balls and stripes, and even projecting the entire screenshot on the tab. I eventually choose to keep it a bit more easy on the eye by just picking 1 color.

Prochaine étape pour FabTabs

I am currently thinking about how and if I should implement features that allow you to lock a single color per domain, and the exact opposite of that a setting to allow you to force create a new color for each page. Of the latter I'm not sure if it can actually be done, cause FabTabs simply takes the color of the page, to give it a different color would be incorrect...

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