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Well, I'm seeing the "Enforce encrypted connection" with a Yes checkbox as shown in the one screenshot above (as of this posting, APR 3 2015).

But I'm also seeing sites where No is the checkbox instead - not represented with a screenshot above.

How to use, above: "Make sure that •the checkbox• next to 'Enforce encrypted connection?' is checked."

Please explain the effect(s) of a checked/unchecked Yes versus a checked/unchecked No.

Nice extension otherwise. But 3/5 stars for insufficient documentation.

Lightweight and 100% functional Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

In order to test https availability (and reverse to http if not) a simple bookmarklet found on the Web :


Switches http to https and backwards, et voila

Perfect companion for 'Enforce Encryption'

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This addon is a sweet idea: sites such as Google Search, Wikipedia, and YouTube offer encryption but don't usually ask the user for their preferences. Rather than adding https:// to the beginning of a URL for every session for a site, you can check the box and have your browser remember.
Found no bugs with this addon, it works great.
A technical rundown of what Strict-transport security is can be found at

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