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Does not work with Firefox 22.

Since it is impossible to log in to the add-on, it is also impossible to submit bug reports via the add-on's feedback option, as suggested to violet cherry.

It appears that the add-on is trying to work, but gets itself in an endless loop while attempting to load the user and site details, since unless it is disabled it causes large memory usage. The sidebar opens, but all tabs are blank.

Five stars when it works, but at the moment, only one.

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Thanks for your valuable feedback.

We are very interested in figuring out the problem that does not allow you to sign in, and also find out why you are not able to submit a bug report using the Get Satisfaction widget.

We would like to reach out to you directly to provide further assistance. You could try sending us a private feedback post using the extension's feedback widget. If that doesn't work, we would appreciate you shared an email address with us so we can contact you directly.

Kind Regards