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I used to love this app, enjoying to manually snipe at the last second the alerts were a must, and being able to kep an eye on items at the side of your page whilst browsing other sites was also handy. About 3 months ago it stopped working. I left comments in the forum and nothing was solved. I thought I'd try again to use this add on as before I would have rated it 5stars and really wanted to use it again. It still does not even allow me to sign in. I have read all the steps below other comments where users have had the same issue and I do not have that software nor that Internet security.
I had assumed the issue was my browser version as it can be incompatible with some add ons, seeing others iwth the same issue still unfixed is disheartening.
My browser is Firefox Aurora. I use Bull guard Security, and all that runs along in the background is a proxy extension AnonmoX, and bit comet. If these are turned off I am still unable to sign in. If I have just restarted the laptop, still unable to sign in. I have found no way around it.

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