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What happened to this add-on!?!?!
This used to work flawlessly, with no problem.
Now, the refresh button is missing...GONE!
The notices pop up, but they don't go away...until you close the browser!!!
You have to log in TWICE!!!!

Once was a GREAT program, now it's a piece of JUNK.
I'm deleting, and hopefully I can revert back to an older version that worked...and worked WELL!!!!

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Thanks for your valuable feedback.

The refresh button is at the bottom of the sidebar.
You can close the notices by clicking on the "X" button on the top right corner of the alert. You can also choose to display only alerts that you are insterested on (open Options... to set up them).
About the log in twice, this is because one log in is for the extension and the other is for the webpage. This is for security reasons.

Kind Regards