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Works fine on FF 29.0.1 !!

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Simple but useful.

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Excellent add-on! It would be more perfect if it can avoid closing app tabs.

Keep up your superb work. Thanks a million times.

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Bin looking for this for quite some time. Total time saver and frustration saver for a shaky mouse hand trying to click a little "x".
Even close the browser on single tab. Again, no little "x"
Thank you Mingyi Liu!

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希望能做些别的事情, 只用来关闭, 好像不合适, 可以定义成刷新页面

Yes, but on the other hand, I used to use TabMixPlus, for 2 reasons only. 1: double click to close tab. 2. adjust tab width. The issue is, why would I install such a big addon that slows FF down for these two trivial reasons? That's why I made this small DCCT addon to replace it (for myself at least). If I add more and more functionality, DCCT will become more like TMP. You can try check if TMP is actually more useful for you, or find another small footprint addon that does what you want alongside DCCT.

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Oops, must have hit the wrong button and submitted an empty review.

I downloaded this little gem and restarted Firefox about 15 minutes ago, and have been gleefully opening tabs just experience the joy of zapping them closed. And I haven't even played with the settings yet!

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Finally found what I was looking for: Close tab with middle click anywhere on the page.

I had found another extension that did this by double right-clicking but this one is way more flexible.

No more sniping the damn tab buttons!

I have binded "Control+Tab" to one of my extra mouse buttons so now I can close and switch between tabs without moving the mouse or using the keyboard!

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One thing I want from this extension:
-able to close tab by single middle clicking on the tab itself, I can't do that on the last tab so it would be be nice.
EDIT: No, I mean on the very LAST tab, mozilla doesn't allow it, and I would like it on this extension.

I did not implement "Close tab by single middle click" in DCCT because Firefox itself already does it. In your case, I bet some other addon you installed (maybe TabMixPlus?) disabled Firefox's default behavior. Disable that addon (or adjust its settings if available) and you'd have single middle click closes tab back.

Please adjust your rating because the issue affecting your rating is not related to DCCT. Thank you.

1. If you have a request, I'd rather you contact me through email than giving my addon a 4-star review that I don't appreciate.
2. The feature you want is rather personal preference, as I can see why FF does not implement it - they don't want people to accidentally close FF because they did not realize the tab they just closed is the last tab. I agree with FF folks on this.

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I use it to disable double-click tab closing.

Does not work with Tab Utilities Lite.

[edit - since there's no threaded discussion]

Perhaps it's a third addon that's conflicting? I ended up just disabling Tab Utilities Lite. =)

Hmm, I just downloaded Tab Utilities Lite and DCCT still works fine as far as I can tell.

Update: Yes, maybe it's a 3rd addon conflicting with TUL. When I tested TUL + DCCT, I didn't see any issue to either addon, although I didn't test much of TUL's functionalities - DCCT shouldn't affect any of those, however, unless user set conflicting tab-clicking options in DCCT and TUL.

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Using this with minitab ( is the maximum of usability (and a bit of ram saving) into firefox ^^

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It's so simple and so handy and I can't imagine using Firefox without it. The developer is amazingly responsive too. Five stars

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In first place let me thank you for all of your work and close attention and dedication you have for us who use your work with pleasure :0) I checked your site (quickly) and I liked the style very much. You sure don't follow the latest web fashion styles that big sites dictate. Every new page tries to look like the latest trendy web pages. They don't think about the user. They think how close it can be from that "cool" design of facebook, google, etc. It's the only goal of web designing.
Yours shows the text directly, no distractions. We start to read immediately while in the common fashion we 1st look at whole page and it's style. Then we try t find a piece of text. Then we try to figure out what we should or not read. Then we try to read..... What a pain!

Ok enough of this. But it reflects your view of usability. "I give others what I like for me" - am I right?
I'm using Double Click Closes Tab - adds more tags key searches to this page :0) - because I like my browsing without annoyances and fluidly. I don't want to frown just to click in a tiny red x button - am I controlling the "computer" or is he controlling me saying I must click that sh*t to close him? Now imagine older people's experience with the web! A whole afternoon just to browse a dozen webpages - what a waste of their precious time. Yes, yes it's the naughty red X fault! Hehe - / well they can always use the browsers without tabs. New windows might be a solution.

I'd love to know how to program just to "disassemble" some programs and rebuild them with easier and bigger fonts and buttons etc. Yes that's not webpage design related I know but, nevertheless...

Related to the tiny red X close buttons I search in the past for bigger close buttons tab etc and never found a "direct" extension which made them bigger thus easier to click but found nothing more than (in a google group ff discussion) to edit userChrome.css adding some lines. There is also chromeditplus where one can edit that same css file within and while using firefox.

Anyway, it works greatly for me. It takes a bit to get used to double and triple right click (not just in tabs but anywhere, doesn't have to do with this extension!). Thank you very much for providing different ways to do the primary objective which was to double click to close tabs!
Sorry for the big reply and any english mistake or lack of phrase build or sense or whatever. Keep it up please. We need people like you thinking and inventing better ways of, in this case, using firefox. Cheerio!

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Thanks for taking the time to write such a long and kind review, it's much appreciated!

Indeed you're right. I'm sharing my work in hope others that browse like me would find it useful. My "Double click closes tab" and "Fastest Search" both make browsing a little faster or sometimes much faster (for Fastest Search). I'm glad most users like them much!

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Thanks for your reply.
I bad speak English, use google translate.
I've tried a lot of options. using a single click the middle mouse button, we have to abandon the auto-scroll. using double or triple-click the left - are often mistaken and close the page when I wanted to highlight the text, or when I turn quickly to photos or
with double or triple the right-click, for some reason does not work sometimes, and sometimes falsely triggered (by a click when I want to open the menu), but sometimes works and closes just two pages. this problem can be a mouse, although I've tried two, maybe I'm somewhere made ​​a mistake.

P.S. I tried a new option - double middle click.
Autoscroll if disabled, works perfectly.
but if you turn, I have somehow works through time

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OK, v0.25 now has double middle click. You can download it from <a href="">here</a>

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Works as advertised. As an extra feature could you add middle click anywhere on page to close tab (except when middle clicking on links).

Edit: That was quick, went over there and grabbed it, couldn't wait. :) Thanks a lot mate, works flawlessly.

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Update: I've done it last night and uploaded it to Babelzilla for translation. Once that's done I'll release the final version, and AMO will release it after reviewing. It could take quite a while. If you don't want to wait, you can download it from Babelzilla directly though (it'd be the 'middle click' translation possibly unfinished, AMO unreviewed version there).

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Perfect. It does what it says. You can configure number of clicks, buttons and speed.
goodfornothing, you can choose another button =)

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Thank you!
Same problem as tyler78, now it's solved

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You're a life saver man. I was trying to fix Rights To Close for two days. Now I don't have to. Thank you so much. It works great.

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Thank You! Double Click Closes Tab is an Incredible time saver, A must have.

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So, How turn off selecting text on double click?
I find this ext. useful, but... not on text area.

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