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Used to be great - Doesn't work with 35.0.1 any more though..

Almost perfect Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

Please, use browser.newtab.url

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Out of my 30 add-ons this comes second (behind adblock plus) in list of wouldn't want to do without having.
Pinned tabs are useless without this add-on.

"Don't Auto-Switch-To Pinned Tab" better name.
New Tab page is exactly what I like to see. Can understand desire to use custom link, so missing a feature.

Note: Pinned tabs are for web apps. News sites that you have to refresh don't belong there.
Less surfing in silence for me now stays active and out of the way.

Finally pinned tabs work! Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

Every time I've tried pinned tabs, I've given up on them because they get in the way when I close regular tabs. But this addon works perfectly, and pinned tabs now do what I expect.

I''ve only discovered one very minor issue, and would happily give 5 stars if it used the browser.newtab.url setting (or a setting of its own) instead of opening about:home.

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Installed, but wouldn't run on my Firefox.

Too bad. So sad.

The DataRat

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how about a option, what to open when last non-pinned tab closed - empty page, home page, etc.?

Okay. I can get this option from FF settings.
I think I could add this functionality in next version

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I'm still getting duplicate pinned apps even with this addon.

I though I was the only one who had this problem Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Its funny, but I had no idea how much the default behaviour of firefo annoyed me, until I installed this addon.

close last tab > enter app tab > click a few links > realise you just messed up your whole 'system' and frantically click the back button > forget what you were looking for > click forward > mess up app tab AGAIN

I wish that opening a new normal tab when closing the last one was a buildin choice in the Firefox options menu, but at least now I can use this addon. Thanks a milion!

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