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I installed Disconnect, and this add-on snuck itself in. Never installed it myself.

I don't actually know what it was supposed to do, all I know is that several Firefox features started acting wonky. Google search wouldn't accept my hitting the return key to start a search, and then I couldn't log onto any of my accounts. I eventually tracked it down to this add-on. I've disabled it, and everything is working well again.

Since I never actually meant to use this, I can't vouch for how secure or private it may be.

Disconnect Search may not be as private as they proclaim Noté 3 sur 5 étoiles

The connection to the proxy search uses deprecated security settings (SHA-1 signatures). It therefore may not be as private as they proclaim Why hasn't this been resolved.

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This plugin should enhance security, but in fact is doing quite opposite.
Disconnect-search is regularly uploading plugin settings and usage data, along with unique user ID, browser Agent string and IP address not only to the developers website, but to third parties as well (amazon servers of unknown account and adobe stats servers).

Perfect. Combine with "Keyword Search" Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Has this been open source in the first place? I'm really happy to see it is now! Install "Keyword Search" and choose "Google" there. Install Disconnect Search. Now you can search whichever engine you choose for Disconnect Search in your address bar and independently choose another engine in the search bar on the right.

Please update the icon.

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This is a new staple, for me. Searches are slightly slower, but the added privacy is worth the added wait time.

As other reviewers have noted: there is a setting to have all searches routed through the Disconnect VPN using the URL bar. I might suggest removing the search bar from the toolbar, instead, using the URL bar to perform searches.

The only considerable drawback, for me, is not having the immediacy of rich snippets on the search results page.

I wasn't able to permanently remove the icon from the toolbar using the context menu and choosing "Remove from Toolbar" kept adding itself back to the toolbar each time I closed and reopened FireFox...Choosing Customize and dragging the icon from the toolbar seems to have worked.

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is there a proof of stopping the ISPs from tracking searches? I don't think this is possible without spamming the ISPs with search results ... which means this addon is only a half of the solved problem :)

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Does exactly what it says it will do. Too often with DuckDuckGo I've wanted time-sensitive webpages. For instance, if I heard something about a professional athlete, I often want news about that athlete. With Disconnect Search, I can search Google and get those news results while still preserving my privacy.

Two negatives:
-As other reviewer mentioned, it will not be an option in your search bar. I just took out the search bar and the Disconnect icon and set Disconnect to do all my searches from the address bar.
-When searching from the address bar, there is a noticeable lag. It doesn't take too long, but a couple seconds longer than you would think.

Overall, it's a useful tool and I recommend it.

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Yuck! Adds Separate Toolbar Icon Noté 2 sur 5 étoiles

After install, Disconnect Search adds a separate toolbar icon to the upper left hand side of the browser instead of adding itself to the Firefox search menu like all of the other search engines do.

This is annoying for two reasons:

1) I don't need another icon crowding and cluttering up my toolbar.

2) The icon in that location requires me to mouse over and click it before searching rather than using the keyboard shortcut (cmd + K) that auto jumps to Firefox's search engine bar. As someone who spends a lot of time in the browser (and, as a result, is constantly battling RSI), that's a dealbreaker.

Uninstalled and went back to "Startpage Search".

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