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Some of the Casual gamers on FB, who play games like Farmville, usually try to share the bonus or help requests from the game, with their friends, and groups and not their walls instead... With FB disabling right clicking on such game popups, there were limitations in place... There were alternatives that were being coupled with script readers like Tamper Monkey and Grease Monkey and made available to the players, but were resource hogs... This one is aimed at keeping things simple and giving a no-nonsense installation to the players... Being managed by the Dirt Farmer team, which is a player focused team, you can expect immediate updates on this one, and even addition of new features, as required.

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Heard some say that only the text links were being unlocked for right click... Trying to get it working for even the images in those popups, so that they can be copied too... Also, will get some permissions fixed and make them exclusively for the FB games, so as to lessen security concerns...

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The Dirt Farmer’s objective is to provide information, insight and possibly a wee bit of humour to help you navigate your way through the game of Farmville. Even though we have no official ties to Farmville or Zynga, we endeavour to acquire and share as much TRUE Information and Game Wisdom as we possibly can. More info on the team behind the Dirt Farmer can be found here:<br/>