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Feature request: You could make a tweak for Wikipedia for the parens?



Here's the url copy and pasted from the address bar:

Here's the url via the add-on:

If you post the url (via the add-on) in a forum - it breaks.

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It's fantastic - you can even grab selected text Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

To anybody

This is - by far - the best add-on of its kind.

Also - note that you can grab selected text. I use this:

title, link, selected text

One problem - if you don't select text you end up with 3 newlines at the end.

These pages are really useful:


How can I stop the newline problem?

To the programmer

1) You could elected text example to the default list.

2) You could add "selected text" in descriptions at AMO and on this page:

I did a ctrl-f for "select text" at AMO and on that page and came to the wrong conclusion that grabbing selected text wasn't possible. I even left a comment for you to add the functionality. A few minutes later I realized how impatient I was.

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