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Works nicely.

Would be nice if it were restartless, though.

Also, the interface is a bit too 'nested' for my taste (a good example of something like this done rather compactly is SSleuth, which has all the information in one window, with boldface to make important things stand out - but that extension does not have the on/off options or the add-on bar display that CipherFox Secure has - so it is a trade-off one way or the other ...)

You might want to add contact information to the extension page (for possible bug reports).

The extensions leaves behind some settings when uninstalled, which is slightly annoying.

Wohoo! This is how I wish CipherFox should have been configured from the beginning. Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

This extension takes the great idea of the original extension a step further. It shows the full TLS cipher name - not just the encryption algorithm - and has a more restrictive cipher blocking option (I still have my custom config though).