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Rated 3 stars because this add-on doesn't really "print" the webpage. Rather, it saves captured area as a PNG image. That was not clear from the description.

The page I tried this add-on had content that wouldn't print to PDF or XPS using my regular methods. I wanted to capture the information for documentation purposes, so it was important to have all of the information available.

I tried it on a site that is more than one screen-length. It resized the PNG file to 54% which didn't even reach across half the page, making the text illegible. There was no obvious control to allow me to scale up the file size and distribute it over several pages as a normal printer would do.

Also, my mouse isn't set up to middle click (MMB) so I could not explore that functionality. The instructions are fairly simple other than that.

RMB (capture visible area to clipboard) works well and can be pasted into a blank word document. However, if there are any borders, they will be in the image, making the central content portion look smaller.

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