Awesome! Works perfectly. Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Just what I have been looking for. It's unbelievable that large companies like HP with their SmartPrinting cannot make anything this simple work.
Suggestion of nice-to-have features, none of them super-critical:
- allow printing without the cryptic header text
- allow user to position an image smaller than the page (this is possibly restricted by Mozilla's print utility, but it looks like it first puts the image where it used to be and then it jumps it place, so you may have coded it that way).
Unfortunately when I downloaded it on Aug 13, 2013 the donation feature in Mozilla was not working. I don't mind paying a little for great utilities like this that I know I will use all the time. It does however work from your Mozilla browser: Tools->Add-Ons->Extensions, select Capture&Print and press more, so I did that. Hopefully the download site will be fixed soon, so we can keep supporting plug-in authors for their late night hacking sessions! :)

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