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Eram746: Fanboy's list has recently been merged with Easylist and Easylist is what Fanboy now works on, so Fanboy's list is obsolete. At least that's what the blog says.

Meepmeep: use Adblock Plus (without filter lists) and its Element Hiding Helper to do that.

The combination of this add-on to block general ads with a filterless Adblock Plus (only your own custom rules) to remove anything that's left on the websites you most often go to is the most effective and resource-friendly way to go about it. Glad I found this one because ABP's filters with their many thousands of entries were becoming a serious strain on my resources and making everything slow. Now it's just this one with some custom rules for my own websites in ABP. Works fantastically.

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (1.1.0).