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Pro: 1 star: works nice with web page

Con: -2 stars:
First day free, then $60 monthly fee.
History bids inaccurate, only shows past week old wins when told instant update

then the other -2 stars was quibid is a huge scam: Look at the auction numbers ... THERE ARE 100s of items with the same number at the same time. IE: you bid on video game, person X Bids on blender ... you bid up, blender goes up, X bids on blender, video game goes up ... now picture that on 100 items. Only one thing gets won and the rest get scammed.

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We Now Offer a Totally Free Version - No Sign Required Even


We appreciate that you took the time to try our software, and that you did offer up kind words about how it interacted with the webpage.

Oddly enough, you had very bad timing though in regard to one of the reasons you left a bad review. Literally, less than a 12 hours after you posted your review, we rolled out a "forever free" version of Bid-Ninja that doesn't even require a set of login details to use. It's literally free forever. You just need to install Bid-Ninja, and that's it. You can see this new version by installing the plugin and browsing to a QuiBids auction.

In addition, we've lowered our prices by 50%, which I thought you'd be happy to hear.

We're doing all of this because we're in the process of rolling out a boatload of new features and want to make sure as many users as possible see them, because they're going to make winning even easier than our software makes it presently.

Lastly, we feel it is unfair that you rate our plugin poorly because you don't like or trust QuiBids' website or practices. We're not affiliated with QuiBids and we feel our plugin should be rated on it's own merit - IE: how well we live up to our claims (and our over 2,000 users between Mozilla & Chrome have nothing but positive things to say about our software), how easy it is to use and how well it works.

QuiBids most definitely is not a scam...some people have managed to make playing on QuiBids a second job with how much they win (we're not kidding). It just takes a bit of time & practice to get good at it. They do not use shill bidders or anything of that kind...they've even been independently reviewed (one of the only penny auctions to submit their organization to that kind of scrutiny).

Anyway, we'd really appreciate you trying out the new version that has an entirely free version, no signup required. We'd also like you to take into account that it would be impossible to offer the "fully unlocked" version at no cost, because it requires an extraordinary amount of server resources to provide the information we do...however, we have reduced our prices by 50%.

Lastly, after taking the above into account, we ask that you please review our plugin based on our plugin...not your feelings about the website it works with, since we're not affiliated with them.