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Great proxys , thanks for these add-on

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I'm highly interesting about security add-ons. Especially lightweight ones.

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It does its work at perfection. Really easy to use and efficient. It doesn't have a million options so it's just a matter of (little) time to learn how to use it. Thx!

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good proxys

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вот только не хватает в меню кнопки (выбрать следущий прокси)

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可以一次輸入整個 Proxy list ,正好合我的需要。

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Возможность добавить любые прокси в базу, быстрое переключение, очень удобно.

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I hope this app also available for android, keep work devs..

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Bypass Youtube Region Lock Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

5 stars, was looking for a simple lightweight FF add-on to bypass youtube's region lock. This keeps your cookies on a remote server of the required region, meaning you can still view as well as add comments. Very user friendly, options easily manageable from add-on icon.

Videos on my playlist I've added and watched for years suddenly became unavailable even by searching (on my pc, tablet, phone, and Nintendo DS all at once), so I finally had to break down and find something like this, and this worked miraculously.

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Great, but how to remove non-working proxy Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

It works easily and perfectly. But after import some proxy list but some proxy doesn't work anymore, how to remove that proxy with no need to remove this plugin?

You are right regarding the fact that after some time proxy may stop working. This happens because too many users start using it at the same time. This problem can be easily solved, simply by downloading new list from our server, click on 'Download proxy list'.

Also, if you are regular user and you need proxy for crawling then we would recommend you another service which is cheaper just 11.52 USD per month and the most important you will have proxy serves from 35 different countries with 100% uptime and 100mbit!!! speed =)

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I like it for easy to use and good speed.

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I saw hundreds of proxy switchers add ons for mozilla and tried few but none worked satisfactorily. One of my friend recommended Best Proxy Switcher. I am really impressed with its working specially browsing speed. It is easy to use and anyone can install and work on it.

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Excellent proxy switcher for mozilla. If you want to hide your location or some sites are not opening in your browser it could be a useful add o for you.

Génial ! Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Fonctionne parfaitement pour visionner le i-player de la BBC.
Facile d'emploi. Il suffit, au moment où on en a besoin, de récupérer quelques pare-feux valides à et de les ajouter manuellement. Ensuite un clic suffit pour activer ou désactiver le pare-feu situé au Royaume Uni.

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A great tool for using a proxy on a Firefox browser.

A useful addition to your favorite browser Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Works great! I use to work in the corporate computer with a local proxy. After installing solved many problems with vyhodm network. Thanks to the developers.

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works and great look

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It works even without the need for complex configuration.