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Barlesque does not play well with other addons and has a very buggy display as a result. Icons do not layout evenly within the Barlesque bar and some addon buttons will totally screwup the Barlesque bar's height even if the same addon button works just fine in the standard addon bar. With custom themes it can also screw up the height of the find bar. I posted a support request to Barlesque's support thread on the MozillaZine forums seeking to work with its developer to make it more compatible with 3rd party themes back in April and very little response.

I'm giving this addon two stars because of very poor support in efforts to iron out compatibility issues with other addons and poor design execution that makes it all but impossible for theme developers to iron out theme specific rendering issues with Barlesque. Addons can't just render correctly on the default theme, they must also work correctly, or be able to be made to work correctly, on third party themes as well.

If the buggy rendering issues are addressed, I'll remove or revise this review, but users do deserve to know when an addon does not play well with others and its developer doesn't endeavor to address compatibility issues.