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If you need support of multiprocess(e10s) use AutocopySelection2Clipboard

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+add delete for memo .

Very comfortable in use Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

It is tiny and useful addon. Thank you
But I have few questions-proposals.
1. What is the depth of Memo? And is it possible to delete from it some old, absolete etc. entries? Even if the depth is very big, anyway it will be difficult to find needed entry if it will be a lot of them. Therefore the ability to delete unneeded entries is necessary.
2. The time and date of entry creation is might be necessary, but on demand. In other words, the user should be able to switch on/off the time/date indication.
3. The user should be able to define the position of MEMO button (currently it is in right side of the screen (in the middle of it)) because it might conflict with another addons. Particularly its current position conflicts with addon
4. Currently clicking on entry causes loading the page, where this entry was created - left click reloads it into current page, middle - in the new. It also should be given a possibility to copy this entry to clipboard (not URL, but entry itself, i.e. text) on right click.