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Thanks for the developers. this is exactly what I'm looking for..
unfortunately this service is underrated and needs some advertising.

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Идея неплохая, но работает слишком нестабильно.

Almost exactly what I needed Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Nice and clean UI, lots of functionality. Personally I could do without the social aspect, but some may like it.

The only thing I am missing is being able to select text, right click and save selection. Currently you have to:
1. Select text
2. Click Annotate toolbar button
3. Save Page

Which seems one click too many. Should be an option to auto save page when saving selection.

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Great idea! Very convenient! It would be better if it were possible: choose the color of the text selection and make the drop-down panel translucent (or that the panel was attached to the top of the browser in parallel). Thank you!

Отличная идея! Очень удобно! Было бы лучше если бы можно было: выбирать цвет выделения текста, а также сделать выпадающую панель управления полупрозрачной (или чтобы панель прикреплялась к верхней части окна браузера параллельно). Спасибо!

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Can notes be kept actually and competely private only if so desired? Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Are a person's own notes always shared or readable by others? Or can sharing be declined for private use only and without exception in some, or all instances? Exactly how private is it, if I want some, or all, comments to be private only?

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Thanks for the review! For right now, all highlights and notes are public to everyone. Private collections are a very common request, and we're working on adding them soon, but for now it's public.

UPDATE: We have launched the privacy features, so sharing is now optional on your Annotary account.