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Just wrote a flippin' detailed review that got wiped when submitted. Now I'm very upset!!! Latest update of AniWeather v0.8.12 in Ff v3.6.17 broke the toolbar icon animation setting/feature. Web page animation works fine but toolbar animation just quite working all together. Other complaints: 1) frame rate across the board is extremely fast and unreadable - 2) no local or regional USA radar options. This is why I have ForecastFox installed as well so I can access local regional radar. And no -- they played well together for a long time until the last.AniWeather update.

Got a fix or resolve for this AniWeather team?

>Edit: 5/4/11... I was going to delete and re-write my review but decided otherwise. I did clean it up a bit and apologize to anyone offended. We all have bad days. I do hope the AniWeather team resolves this issue soon. After all, it is a great add-on! Even if it is currently broken to some extent and in need of some additional options/features as noted above.

>Edit: 5/12/11... AniWeather team... I installed v0.8.1.6 and it did indeed fix the icon animation issue. Thank you for the reply.

_Anyone: The version mentioned above is available here. Just click on the "view all versions" link on the main page at bottom right. It's at the top of the page listing. Not tested by Mozilla as of this writing and that's why you don't see it listed on the main download page.

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module ( 

The animation issue has been resolved in the new version (0.8.16) that will be released soon.