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Works! Many thanks!

My go-to addon for angular Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Thanks a lot for this. This add-on is really helpful for figuring out what variables and functions are linked to an angular element.

Nice Addon Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

The feature requested by many reviewers of having a variable that points to $scope has been implemented here from me:

But unfortunately, I never recieved an anwser from the author.

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This is seriously cool. It competes with Batarang addon for Google Chrome which is by the AngularJS team. Disappointing that they didn't make it for Firefox too. I really look forward to seeing you keep this addon cutting edge and possibly even better then Batarang for Google Chrome. This is batarang by the way which you probably know about:

The thing I love about this addon more then Batarang, is the name. AngScope CLEARLY tells you what this addon does. Batrang is so silly and if it wasnt for their massive namesake no one would like it.

Would it be possible to add a "Performance" feature as seen in Batrang?

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Very quick way to view the angular variables in-scope for a DOM element.

One missing feature, though, is to have a means of addressing that scope from within the console. This would allow interacting with that scope instead of just browsing it.

One possible way to do this: when inspecting a node's angular scope, also set (e.g.) window.current_scope to the element's $scope.

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It works just perfectly and does all what I need :)

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Works way better than any of the chrome extensions

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Good plugin, works and integrates well with Firefox. But can we also have a `$scope` variable available in the Firebug console, so that the currently selected HTML node's scope is available in `$scope`? It would be an alias to `angular.element($p).scope()`

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Works as expected

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Improves productivity : no need to manually add (and remove) code snippets to inspect th $scope. Nice formatting. Displays extra information.
Even allows to edit the scope, but there is room for improvement on this point.

Feature request:
- double-click/enter on a value to edit it (instead of the slower right click -> mouve mouse -> edit property)
- after having edited a value, trigger an update of the rendering

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Excellent, excellent, excellent. Nice work

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Nice extension. Thanks for implementing the firebug focus feature request so quickly!!

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Great addon. I would improve its usability, but my performance has been improved thanks to this development. Thanks for your effort and sharing!

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This is a great plugin. Not meaning it cannot be improved further, but I am using it every day and it has proven very useful for developoing a non-trivial application with AngularJS.

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