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Amplify does not work at all. It depended on a company website to work, and the company has stopped supporting it or gone out of business. The links to the company site and support go to a different company altogether. This needs to be removed.

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Unfortunately amplify doesn't work besides the homepage isn't about the add-on, it is an educational site which has no connection with the add-on. After clipmarks dissapointment this is totally a failure

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This add-on is absolutely not working. You can install it, and then go the their home page. And that's it. All you can do...

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I'm very wary of this company. First, they disabled their vastly-superior Clipmarks site, and now their Amplify site is down as well; not only is it not accepting new users, it's not accepting new clips, either. Now, today, when I tried to clip my weekly FAIR Blog entries, the site was completely gone.

The concept of an addon/site that lets you clip from internet pages and have a discussion board there for people to discuss the issue is a fantastic idea, but this company has made a complete mess of it.

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Amplify is not accepting new users pending some "big announcement". But no word on when that might be. Their Twitter page has been silent for over a month and no word of any announcement or that they have closed the door to new registrations. Not very good business IMO.

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The title says it all.

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Yes. I agree with Jim Writer. Brain back up it is. Great tool.

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I really appreciate the Amplify button in the browser. I just clip things I find interesting and press "amplify". It is saved for me (and my blog's thousands of visitors). It is like a "brain backup".

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Brain Crutch. Great piece of toolery.

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much needed

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Cannot 100% of the time post to Face book. I am now looking for alternatives. When you have a question they do not respond. I am disappointed in this add on though I am still using it. Their days are numbered. Michael Druck.

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Better than Clilpmarks. Has no 1000 words limit on clip length and the clipper tool finds paragraphs that Clipmarks misses.

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Just can't understand how all these people became fans of this add-on. It's good but nothing special

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amplify is the best! - i use this tool every day- for finding news- and for making friends online-

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Great addition to Firefox. Makes utilizing the Amplify platform much easier.

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One of the best out there. I love it, thanks!

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Just what I needed and was looking for so long time! Indeed this is a must have extension!

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Life on the net with Amplify is wonderful thanks to the brilliant creator of the Amplify add-on for Firefox users. Thank you!