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Let me be honest with you, this piece of code is not really an add-on but a simplifier. It makes URL modification an accurate, smooth and simple experience. Without it you still can carve the URL in the traditional way, and it is just a matter of saving a few seconds or a few keystrokes. How valuable of a few seconds to you, depends on the timing. You know, the timing of things matters, and one second can be priceless.

Did I mention this add-on was inspired by a movie? Yes, the movie and essay "A River Runs Through It". It's a story about fly fishing and the relationship between Norman Maclean, the author, and his younger brother, Paul. Paul was a decent newspaperman and gifted with talent in fly fishing. His charmed life was destroyed by gambling and alcohol, and met a cruel end. The Macleans witnessed what had happened to Paul, and tried to help him, but couldn't make it. They couldn't figure out what was wanted of Paul.

I was deeply touched by the story, and then, I thought maybe in this world there were some people who couldn't stand carving the URL in the traditional way, just like me. It is said that a software will find its own unique set of users, though I have no idea who they are and how many they are. If you are one of them by chance, I am happy for you.

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