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For a long time I had FireFox' window title bar always on as I liked to see title of currently selected page. But since it takes vertical space, I decided to turn it off. Unfortunately, in this mode most of titles of pages were not fitting to relatively narrow tabs' labels. I saw that the address (URL) bar is wide enough to include most of pages titles, so I started to search whether an extension exists that would put pages' title into the address (URL) bar. I found such extension by Merci Chao, but it turned out that it was replacing the URL with page's title, not adding page title to the URL as I wanted. So I updated his/her script for my purposes. Once it worked, I decided to make my version public in case if anyone else would need both address and page's title displayed in URL bar at the same time.

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There are two main types of extensions: the classic, which requires restart to get enabled, and "bootstrapped", which does not. I would want to move this extension to no-restart-needed state, but since otherwise it does not change functionality the hassle is too big for now, too much to redo.

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