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Version 1.3 112.4 kB Fonctionne avec Firefox 13.0 et supérieures

  • Added link to save site as site template! This is a setting that MS disabled for publishing pages because doing so would cause an issue if you tried to use the template in a different site collection. But if you need a template in the same site collection, it works just fine and is actually quite useful.
  • Added items to view and/or edit current user.
  • Added function so that clicking on items in the Admin Panel will copy the values to the clipboard.

Version 1.2 111.9 kB Fonctionne avec Firefox 13.0 et supérieures

  • Added link for the hidden User Information list - see under Root - Users and Permissions - User Information List
  • Added entry in the toolbar's Options Menu to navigate to Home and Root even if they are not locked (you can set those in the Options Panel).
  • Updated for compatibility with Gecko 20 on account of deprecated E4X

Version 1.1 111.5 kB Fonctionne avec Firefox 13.0 et supérieures

  • Added compatibility for IE Tab and IE Tab Plus (Coral IE Tab); improved compatibility for IE Tab 2. Note: At this point in time, <u>IE Tab</u> seems to have issues with Sharepoint.
  • Trimmed up the Administrator's Info Window.
  • Fixed the navigation to the Site Collection Features page.
  • Added a few favourite quick-links to the SCA menu.
  • Improved the way Sharepoint pages are detected.
  • Finally cleared the validation warning Mozilla gives me when I submit the addon!

  • I can't yet get the Admin Panelto always update automatically.
  • If any IE tab is active, "IsSharepoint" will always report true. This is by design for the time being until I figure out a way to do a dom search on the page loaded in IE Tab addons.

Version 1.0 111.6 kB Fonctionne avec Firefox 13.0 et supérieures

  • Finished Localization
  • Added SCA menu with SCA navigation
  • Upgraded the Options Panel
  • Changed the "Debug" Panel into the "Administrator's Info Panel" - now it can be refreshed manually
  • Added option to lock the url roots for SCA and Home Portal
  • Fixed issue where the port was stripped from the domain
  • Improved the way Sharepoint pages are detected
  • Button and Toolbar are now added by default on the first run
  • Updated the icons and screenshots
*Note: the auto-refresh of the URL paths in the Administrator's Info Panel do not always update automatically. They are supposed to update when you click on any of the buttons in the SPAdminToolbar, but it often seems to miss a beat.

Version 0.09 88.0 kB Fonctionne avec Firefox 13.0 et supérieures

  • Replaced that atrocious icon.
  • Fixed the link for Root's Site Template Gallery
  • Added Recycle Bin, Admin's Recycle Bin, and the Deleted Recycle Bin views
  • Added Options Menu in the toolbar
  • Added Special Menu in the Site Menu for use with Sharepoint Addons
  • Added Permission Levels (Roles) in Users Menus for Root and Site
  • Localization for everything except the Access Keys in the menus
  • Update prefs system to use the Javascript Modules

Version 0.08 85.2 kB Fonctionne avec Firefox 13.0 et supérieures

  • Removed the Publishing Menu (eval function was deprecated)
  • Fixed the access keys in the Site menu
  • Added "Create" button
  • Fixed critical bug where no default was set for displaydebug preference

Version 0.07 85.1 kB Fonctionne avec Firefox 13.0 et supérieures

  • Revamped the url parser
  • Fixed: Navigation to site areas led to root areas or broken links
  • Added option to display DebugInfo Window to preview the url parser paths
  • Added button to display debug info for current url
  • Fixed problem with navigation in IEtab2 when no protocol was given

Note that the navigation doesn't work if the current page is a wiki library.

Version 0.06 81.8 kB Fonctionne avec Firefox 13.0 et supérieures

First Release to Mozilla Addons. There are a handful of bugs still! Be patient, please.