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#be browser detector

Boost your user profile with the #be browser detector.

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9GAG Tweaks

Removes the sidebar and the sharing buttons from 9gag. Replaces the sharing buttons with Telegram sharing.

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Конвертація українського тексту на абецадло — латинську абетку для української мови на основі польського алфавіту. Перейдіть на сторінку з українським текстом та клікніть по іконці додатку.

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AboutTheArtists on IMDb

Places links to AboutTheArtists.com artist profiles on IMDb.com cast lists

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Accounts Receivable Software

Australia's #1 Accounts Receivable Software for small and medium businesses.
Accounts Receivable Software – ezyCollect automatically manages your collection processes and integrates into your existing accounting software.

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Accropolis notification Live

Ne ratez plus aucun live d'Accropolis ! L’icône devient verte quand la chaîne est en direct.

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Adblock Blocker Unblock (Veja, Exame...)

Desativa o bloqueador de AdBlocks de sites da Abril.

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Hide ads posts from Tumblr dashboard when scrolling down

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Add to GrandHomePage

Add the current site you're looking at to your start page at GrandHomePage.com

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Adranmelech Live!

Soyez au courant lorsque qu'Adran passe en live!

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Advanced GitHub Notifier

Shows notifications when you get a new notification on GitHub and provides quick access to all notifications in a popup.

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Affiliate Future Extension

Affiliate Future publishers are able to easily get deep link and voucher details for advertisers, helping you earn more commission.

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Aktu Circular

Aktu circular browser extension Created by sanjutech. you can get and download latest circular of aktu by one click. aktu circular is in active maintenance by sanjutech team. for query email on techsanjuteam@gmail.com. this addon is in new technology

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All About Shias

A link to the website All About Shias.

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Be alerted when an earthquake strikes !
- Customizable
- Sound alert
- "Shake my browser!" alert

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Androjine Live Extension

Ne manquez plus un seul de mes lives sur Twich :)

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Anoweb - Annotate the web

A simple firefox extension that allows you to make and view annotations on different pages across the web.

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App for Google Translate™

Easily open and use google translate while you browse, with just one click

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App for Instagram™

An easy-to-use and lite App for Instagram

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Quickly Save/Search Archives for the current Page

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